>EOTD/FOTD- Technically, Yesterdays!


So yes…. Technically, yesterday was Tuesday. Mosaic class was switch-a-rooed, but I had fun coming up with another free form design… And I think I'll be working on it later on (technically) today. It's going to be pretty fun- mirrored pieces, iridescence, fun colors! Anywho- you'll be proud of me. I totally took pictures of my look today- since a) they're my first mineral matte shadows and b) they're my new e.l.f. Mineral shadows. That's right- I got my package on Monday! And (technically!) yesterday I got my package from Cherry Culture- I bought some Nyx while they were on sale over there, and before the "Anniversary Fail" Sale.
Anywho- I wanted to dig in to my matte shadows. I wanted smoky, sexy, spring-ish. In total- I was able to nab the 10 free mineral eye shadows from e.l.f. that were offered on sale until May 23rd. In order to do that, I had to order a certain (reasonable) amount of makeup… So I bought three of their new Matte Lipcolors, five of their new gel eyeliners, a stippling brush, and… I don't remember. I can't remember if there was something else. Huh. LOL It's late, my brain is fried! And yes, we were in my sister's car, driving with the windows down for the first time this season because it was finally not raining today- and the big yellow thing in the sky came out to say hello! It was amazing!!! Hence, the crazzzzzy hair!

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~ by Snarky Princess on May 25, 2011.

11 Responses to “>EOTD/FOTD- Technically, Yesterdays!”

  1. >Loving the combination… nice and subtle… I ended up getting seductive as part of my order too and I now can't wait to try it out =)

  2. >I know you've got wicked make up skills but I do enjoy your simple EOTDs that are more daily-friendly 😀

  3. >Gorgeous, subtle look 🙂

  4. >I love the lid colour! 🙂

  5. >How are you liking that matte lip color? Not too drying I hope? One day I'm going to make a MASSIVE elf order so I'm thinking of adding that to the list ^.^Super pretty!!

  6. >Very pretty and flattering look 🙂

  7. >You look gorgeous – flattering indeed! And I think I need to get my hands on that lip colour!

  8. >@Andrea: It such a unique color- it looks lighter in the jar, but once applied, turns a little darker. So pretty!!@mNg: I'm finding myself wanting to do quick and easy makeup so I can get outside faster… Especially days like today- the SUN has finally made a full appearance for the first time in 2 weeks! All my windows are thrown open!@Melly & Ki : Thank you ladies 🙂 This is probably one of my new favorites because the colors are matte for days I don't want to sparkle… But of course, I added sparkle anyways!@eRiN: No- it wsn't drying until most of it had actually worn off because I was eating. I am very surprised and impressed with these lippies! I figured I'd have to put on some gloss after a while to moisturize my lips- but I didn't have to… The formula is incredibly soft, malleable and conditioning 🙂 It stays put until you start to eat something greasy/oily. They're totally worth the few bucks to grab 'em up!!@sepia_raven: Thank you so much :)@Robyn: Thanks!! There's a few other colors- and this was funny because when I first applied it there appeared to be a slight lavender tone to it- but after about a minute it settled down, and was absolutely gorgeous! I tend to shy away from matte lippies because they're so drying, but these are a great deal for awesome colors!

  9. >Wow! Love these colors! The lid color is beautiful! And you can never go wrong adding a little glitter to a look 🙂

  10. >Man you have crazy pretty eyes. I R jealous 🙂

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