Project Safe Indie

Shop Safely in the Indie Cosmetic Community!

If you would like to become a part of Project: Safe Indie, and submit your company for approval, please read the following information throughly. If you still want to be a member, and can fulfill all the requirements, then contact us with the submission information and we’ll get you approved! Thanks for your interest in joining us.


Mandatory Requirements:

1. Have current and correct ingredient information for all of your products! This is a must, as your customers safety depends on it.

2. No repackaging/reselling of private label cosmetics. This project is for Independent cosmetic companies who make their own products. (Exceptions are brushes, and other products that would fall in that category)

3. Have a clean, organized workspace free of children and/or pets. Both children and pet dander get into everything. Also, some people have allergies, and this could pose an issue.

4. Practice cleanliness. Cover your work surface. Use gloves before touching any product or supplies (You may want to avoid latex, as some people are allergic to it). Sanitize all your tools before and during the creation of your products. A face mask is also recommended, especially for loose powders. You may want to use an apron as well.

5. You must seal your products, and package them safely before shipping. Your products must include a company identity statement, such as a business card, or a flier with your contact information on it.


Submission Information:

If your company passes all of the requirements, you may contact us for company/product approval. You will have to submit the following items:

1. A photo of your lab/workspace with a sign or label stating the following: This is the (Lab or Workspace) of (your company name). The photo should include the area that you make your products in and the sign, in the very least. The sign must be legible.

2. A photo of your stock/supplies. This can be included in your lab photo.

3. A photo of your safety/cleanliness items (ie. gloves, alcohol, masks, etc.).

4. A full size product from each line you carry (ie. Loose powder eye shadow, lip sticks, glosses, etc) to determine safe packaging practices. You will be given a review and swatches in return for your submission.

If you have a problem fulfilling any of the requirements or submission requests, please contact us, and we will try to guide you through the approval process.

Once you’ve gathered the information, please send an email to:

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