The Cosmetic Artist

I’m a self professed makeup junkie who’s addicted to red lipstick and glitter of almost any kind- but not in my eyes, and not in certain body areas. I have an affinity for dark or bright dramatic makeup, though some days I kick back, relax, and go easy and neutral. Unless specified, any pictures of my eyes and color are unaltered. Which means that incredible blue color you’ll sometimes see is indeed my own natural color. Not enhancements, not contacts.

Red high-heeled shoes are the sexiest accessory to a black outfit, especially when paired with red lips.

I’m a little irritated that I can’t wear heels yet- but in time, when I’m up and around and normal again, I will. And they’ll be fun, wild and crazy shoes. Most likely covered in glitter!

I’m a resourceful chick. My father didn’t bring up dummies for girls. I know how to replace my brakes. I can do an oil change without any problems. I re-wired my tail lights by myself, and astounded a few males who saw what I was doing. Yes, I got dirty. I’ve replaced headers under a hood, a cracked engine block…. Well, you get the point. I know what’s under the hood of quite a few vehicles.

I drive a tractor. Two to be precise. Deere’s are fun, but not when I have to scoot all the way forward so my toes touch the pedals. I’ve helped take down dozens of trees in and around our yard, chain, fell, strip, cut, chip and split them as well. It’s a dirty job, and I love it.

Once all the grease, oil, dirt and grime is washed off…. I have to admit I clean up pretty well!

Currently I’m dealing with a severe back problem which keeps me off my feet most days, and limits my movement. As a result, I’m not currently working because I could risk permanent damage if I did such. However- someone somewhere else has it a lot worse off than I do. I’m thankful I have a wonderfully supportive family, and that even though progress is slow… It’s going in the right direction- forward.

Anything else you want to know… Simply ask!


~*Snarky P

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