>Getting NYX-ed Isn’t Good … So Much For the Anniversary Sale


Well, most of you probably know by now. The NYX Cosmetics "Anniversary Sale" has been a major bomb. Yeah, I'm one of those rabid fans who have been waiting patiently trying to place things in my cart…
I finally threw in the towel this morning (I won't name times, because I shouldn't have stayed up that late!) and figured I could probably wait to get it done this afternoon. Well, that was a load of fail too. I can't checkout. I've seen very few comments from people who have been able to successfully navigate, add to their carts, and check out from the site at this awesome $1.20 sale.
I only have a few things. I just want to check out. Frustrated, I just posted this on their Facebook wall:
1. Prepare your servers for the influx of millions of rabid fans who want your makeup and are willing to wait 24+ hours to get said items.
2. Set up a limited amount of people who can shop on the website at a time, this will control the submittable of simultaneous orders on the website.
3. Set up a queuing system for the customers, refresh every minute so they can see where they are in the (long) line of customers. An actual "You are customer number 1045"… Then "You are customer number 875". Etc.
4. If the site remains broken, shut it down completely. Send out a message to us that you've closed the site until ALL issues have been resolved. OFFER A RAIN DATE OF THE SAME EXACT SALE, and extend the time if need be.
5. Answer emails, phone calls, and any social networking services you have CONSTANTLY. If you do not have enough staff, I'll be more than happy to be hired for my services if I can work from home.

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~ by Snarky Princess on May 16, 2011.

6 Responses to “>Getting NYX-ed Isn’t Good … So Much For the Anniversary Sale”

  1. >I didn't try to get in on the sale, because I'm basically broke right now. However, all of this drama has turned me off of NYX for good. Zoya had a huge promotion a while back, and even though they weren't completely prepared, they did everything they could to make sure they had enough servers and they took care of those people who couldn't get their orders in. NYX has probably damaged their reputation irreparably with a lot of people.

  2. >I wanted a few lippies but I avoided hell because their site was already down before the sale 😛 I'll just buy something else.

  3. >And since nobody could actually purchase during this sale and they're now offering a different, less impressive sale in its place, it's being called a bat and switch. What do we think? It doesn't sound so far off to me

  4. >same here, I wasted 15+ hours! the 50% off is not fair imo, since 4 ppl claim they got to oder…

  5. >I know how it is, I've experienced same with Sleek's 50% sale.

  6. >@Michelle: That they have. I'm not purchasing again. Not even secondhand!!@mNg: Yep! There are PLEEEEENTY of other companies who will take money! This is such a scam.@eRiN: That's exactly what this was.@Tara: I'm so sorry girl- I just don't believe their congratulations to the "hundreds" who got their orders through. Um, you had THOUSANDS hammering away trying to get to the site to buy products! And only "hundreds" successfully ordered!?@Melly: I've only heard of that debacle.

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