>A Nominee Nominated Me… Back!


Ha ha! Thought you'd get a kick of of that title… And I'm feeling a little silly this evening. Don't mind me if I seem sporadic or eccentric- the doctor's appointment went alright today. My post before last was about me receiving The Versatile Blogger Award, and it took me a while to actually get around to writing it. I had received two nods from bloggers, which meant I had to come up with 14 things about me you didn't already know. It took a while not because I didn't want to… But because things have been so hectic lately. Because things are quieting down, and I'm being advised to stay quiet again, I have more time to just sit here and zone out with the computer on my lap and my feet up.
The rules (which I totally forgot to post!!) ended up being posted on Michelle's blog because I failed to do it here. (whoops!) Of course, I dug out and came up with my favorite blogger hangouts in the last post and thought that was that. Kind of. Anywho, that's me rambling… I need to get to the point.
MakeupMama awarded me back The Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Michelle!
Now to make things simple, because I've already named all the bloggers I wanted in the last post, I'm just going to list 7 more random things you don't know about me. This brings the total to 21. Phew. I didn't think I'd have to think of that many, but heck- this is FUN!

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~ by Snarky Princess on April 20, 2011.

9 Responses to “>A Nominee Nominated Me… Back!”

  1. >You're awesome so I'm not surprised that you get nominated again ❤

  2. >I've read Beowulf, too. =] Great facts!Fierce Nerditude

  3. >OMG!!! I wanna dig up gemstones!!!!

  4. >Have you listened to Mumford and Sons or The Avett Brothers?

  5. >Im trying to get rid of all my gemstones LOL & omg I love twilight woods…I wear the spray everyday :0)I also have your button on my bloggie :0)

  6. >I love thrift stores!!! they are soo much fun and u find great stuff in them!!

  7. >@mNg: Thanks doll! :)@Vijiis: Thanks! It was a long and interesting read- and unlike many of my classmates, I did not read the Cliffs Notes! lol@eRiN: I'll let everyone know how it goes once I get some 😉 It's literally a 3 minute drive to the trail from my house- and I just found out about it two years ago! Doh! All the years I've lived up here and I could have had some stones of my own already!@Michelle: Indeed I have- and I ❤ !!@JewelryBySolange: I collect Swarovskis…. It's an addictive habit! I come across some pretty awesome gemstones from time to time… I have some gorgeous cracked blue agate I LOVE, but have NO idea what I want to make with them! Thank you… I'll check out if you have one… And put it here too ;)@gunnmetal127: They're veritable treasure troves!! That and the "dump"… I've scored so many slightly used things that just need a new coat of paint or polishing up and they're fine!! My latest was a vanity table- I'm planning on sanding it, giving it a coat of black lacquer paint, and having my Mom mosaic the top for me with lotus flower designs 🙂

  8. >Have you heard Sara Jarosz? Also, check your email!

  9. >@Michelle: I haven't… I'll have to seek her out! And got your email 😉

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