>Tallied Up… And the Results Are In for the Spring Fling Fever Contest Winners!


I set out a challenge, and boy you gals did some greatness! You don't honestly think I'd make you wait until tomorrow to announce this, did you?? Then again… I just might have! But I'm much too excited- so I'll share with you now!

I asked you to create a look inspired by spring- to be as daring and dramatic as you like. Or sweet, simple and everyday makeup… It was completely up to you. Now, I've tallied up the votes and ready to announce the winners. Are you ready? Of course you are… But let me remind you of a few things first. Ha ha ha! You didn't think I'd just jump right out and say it, did you?!  Besides… It's me doing this. So I'll do what I like!

I want to first thank each and every girl who submitted a look for this contest. You all did a wonderful job, and surprised me with the creative and outstanding looks you came up with. Each one was different from the others- some of you took elements of flowers, some of you actually painted flowers on your face, and others went sweet and springy, or extreme, bright and bold. This is definitely a hard decision on who to pick as far as voting because I'd give every entrant a prize if I could.
I'll be changing rules of contests in the future, only because I didn't feel this one played out as fairly as it could have. I'm certainly welcome to suggestions from those of you would like to offer any up- but let me make it clear that I don't think that this contest was unfair in any way. We had fun! That was the main goal! The winners deserved to win! (You all did!) You came up with your own interpretations of flowers! You all had friends and family come by and vote for you. It's good! Anywho- I'll be altering rules in the future… One of the main ones is that I'll never again end anything at midnight PST… Because that's a puffy-eye-burning hour to be up… And I just can't stay up that late anymore. My body protests quite violently- and my eyes stay puffed for days. Not pretty.
Ok, I'm done with my rambling for the time being… Sorry, I'm on a chocolate sugar high!
Drumroll please…. Aaaaaaaand….

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~ by Snarky Princess on April 19, 2011.

7 Responses to “>Tallied Up… And the Results Are In for the Spring Fling Fever Contest Winners!”

  1. >Congratz to all! 😀 Great job gals!

  2. >Congratulations ladies! I am sure each of you are excited.

  3. >LOL. I fail at observation. xD THANK YOOOOU. <3:D

  4. >These looks are amazing. Congrats to the winners, you all did a great job 🙂

  5. >Congratulations ladies! Your looks were beautiful! It sure was fun participating, and I can't wait for the next contest.

  6. >Thank you for having the contest! It was fun. Loved all the looks ❤

  7. >congrats !!

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