>It’s About Time I Make Time… The Versatile Blogger Award!


Alright ladies and gents… I've been putting this off for the last week. Ok, honestly… Not "putting" it off… It's just that I get so distracted so easily, I just often forget to do things.
In an effort to help me remember to do what I need to get done, I have a handy dandy little notebook I have with me. Usually. And I write down what I need to get done that day/week/month as far as paperwork, to-do's, goals, and other stuff. The really bad part about all this? When I need it the most, I forget where that notebook is… And what I've written down in it. Yeah. Welcome to my life! (laugh!) I search high, low, under cushions, seats, paperwork, pillows, blankets, in the bathrooms, under my bed, in the craftroom, and have even gone as far as the garage some days. On occasion, I remember having it last in one of the vehicles (my truck, or Mom's car), and I venture out there to find…. Nothing! I come back inside, huff and puff, sit down… And usually see it within 5 minutes. I swear- that little bugger moves around by itself. It has legs, I just haven't found out where yet. One of these days, I'll figure it out. If I remember…
Anywho… Since my last post was kind of a downer, and really took a lot for me to open up the way I did… I thought it was quite fitting to finally acknowledge and thank the wonderful ladies who have passed this along to me:

The day I received a comment from Amanda T. over at her blog, Glitters and Bubbles, it was a day that really lifted my spirits and made me smile! The past few weeks have been rough, with Mom giving us a scare, me up and down and not feeling well at all, and life in general. So to see that I was awarded by someone I consider a close online friend… It totally made my day!
Then what happened? I noticed that one of my other fellow friends, Reggie from Color Me Obsessed, whom I consider a "Partner in Crime" now because of our antics and shenanigans online, had awarded it to me as well! Well… Shucks! I'm honored! Thank you ladies!
Since I've been awarded twice, I have to come up with 14 new things you don't know about me. If you'll remember last time, a similar list was created when I received the Stylish Blogger Award from SisiSparkles. This is going to be hard. Hmmm….

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~ by Snarky Princess on April 17, 2011.

12 Responses to “>It’s About Time I Make Time… The Versatile Blogger Award!”

  1. >Aww! I was just gonna comment about the pasta sauce (I'm with you, that stuff is so foreign to me, it's SO EASY to make your own ffs) and the man (aww, so sweet!! Congrats on finding such an apparently sweet and dedicated guy <3) and then I saw that you tagged me for the award ^.^ Thanks hun!!

  2. >@Erin: I want pasta now, and I just had beef stew for dinner earlier… LOL! My guy has NEVER had a homemade sauce… I should whack him upside the head with a pan, go "BONGGGGGGG!" hahaha… Nah, don't wanna hurt him :)Of course I'd tag you! I know I don't comment much on your blog, but I'm reading just about every post that comes out!!

  3. >Thank you so much Amanda, you are so sweet! Now, do I make a list of my own and nominate other bloggers? I'm not sure what to do.

  4. >I want to see a photo of that Hello Kitty corset, I love her!

  5. >@Michelle: You're welcome! You deserve it! :)And yes… I should have posted the rules like the other one had… Whoops!You have to thank anyone that nominated you (moi!)And for each person who gave you a nomination for the blog award, you have to come up with 7 random facts that we don't already know.Then you pick the blogs you frequent the most, and nominate them for the award! It's FUN!!And Hello Kitty!

  6. >That corset is awesome, I love the hot pink one too! I also nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, I just had to!http://makeupmama-michelle.blogspot.com/2011/04/versatile-blogger-award.html

  7. >Hey Amanda! Thank you thank you ❤ I'm working on posting it as soon as I can!And mmm… I love a good homemade pasta sauce. Can you please send the recipe my way? :DAs for the boy, you're one lucky gal and I can only be envious of you. You're a beautiful person inside out and you deserve a good guy. No doubt about that!

  8. >Aww! so glad I could help make your day just a little bit brighter!

  9. >Aw, thank you so much for featuring my blog! 🙂 I've always loved your FOTDS so that's a huge compliment coming from you!

  10. >Thank you so much for picking me :0) I have done this one before but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you mentioning me. ((hugs))

  11. >Thanks Amanda! I like this award, I think it'll be fun to come up with a bunch of things that my readers don't know about me!!

  12. >I like Your blog :)xoxo

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