>LOTD/EOTD – Date Night Makeup


I wanted to share this with you, because I really loved the way this look turned out. I wanted something soft, yet edgy. Something sexy, but not overdone. I think I was able to compromise and do well with it, and I think my guy even enjoyed it! I'm very lucky- he's appreciative of many of the looks I put together, and quite often I surprise him with what I manage to come up with. As he drives a ways to come see me (since currently I'm not able to, due to my back issues and subsequent medications) I make sure to put myself together very nicely. Truthfully- he says he thinks I'm beautiful without any makeup, and could be in a potato sack and I'd still be just as pretty as if I'm all dolled up.
It makes the typically stoic side of me just a little bit squishy inside, and I like it. I'm not typically a squishy kind of girl. Funny? Check. Quirky? Check. Wild? Check. Adventurous? Check. Lovey dovey? PDA? Holdy-hands? *crickets*

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~ by Snarky Princess on April 11, 2011.

8 Responses to “>LOTD/EOTD – Date Night Makeup”

  1. >Beautiful, a great date night look indeed!

  2. >Perfect 🙂

  3. >Thank you ladies 🙂

  4. >You look fabulous!

  5. >I love how you managed to include a dark color in such a subtle way. How do you get the dark eyeshadow on without it smudging and going everywhere? And any tips for new makeup bloggers and photos? Your photos are *stunning*. 🙂

  6. >@Claire: Thank you so much! :D@GenkiOriana: My trick is to put my brow color/highlighter on from my crease upwards and using a very small crease brush to put the dark color in. (Mine's just an elf crease brush, and I use the larger blending brush_) From there, I blend the dark with the light, and add more a little at a time as I need to :)For the final look, I use the crease brush to add the dark color and I leave it in my crease without blending it 🙂 But that's only in the outer V area, and outer 1/3 of my eye- don't want to go too far!I guess my best tips would be take pictures in natural light, and if you can't to have at least a light on either side of your face to get a well composed shot 🙂 Using the white balance manual setting on a camera and the Macro setting also helps 😉

  7. >Love it! What an excellent use of red eyeshadow!

  8. >@Vulcan_Butterfly: This is a do-again look for sure!! I got quite a few compliments, and my guy loved it too!

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