>Indie Spotlight Review: My Beauty Addiction


I'm excited to bring you yet another review- I've spent a considerable amount of time lately putting primer on my arm, brushing on colors, and my family thinking I'm going daft because the colors are ending up on my forearm- and not my eyelids. I've decided no matter what I get, I'm swatching and sharing.

Allow me to introduce you to My Beauty Addiction's Mineral Eye Shadows. Sherrie contacted me last year and asked if she could send a few samples my way to play with colors and create looks and tutorials, since I'm a YouTuber and I share my eyes with the world. Well, actually my little community of wonderful friends! So I have about 30 little baggies of beautiful colors from Sherrie I've been playing with ever since. In addition to mineral makeup, she's also the creator and "scentster" of a wide array of bath and beauty products. I have not had a chance to use all of her products, but I'm sure in time I'll at least have a good idea of many of them. I can say, however, that her Suger Scrub Cubes in Fudge smell so good I want to eat them… They were a win from a picture I identified on her Facebook Page during one of her fun contests!!
The week before last, I was the recipient of a package from Sherrie. My goodies were tucked inside a big white bubble mailer, folded over for added protection. Inside, I found two bubble wrapped packages. Even more cushioning! I dove right into the longer package because the colors I saw peeking through had me foaming at the mouth- yeah, you would have thought I was a rabid animal. I couldn't resist opening it, so after ogling the colors for a moment, I remembered I forgot to take a picture. Whoops! I made sure to take a picture of the other one still wrapped, and the one that was opened… You have no idea the amount of self control I exercised that evening because I only opened up the larger of the two packages.

In the smaller, unopened one you can see that there's six little pots of eyeshadow, and one big container of… Shadow Poxy!! Yes, the one and the same eye primer I use often. It can be purchased in a 5g container, and the new big sized 10g container! I've also seen it sold in a slide-tin, like what you can find some lippies poured into.

I was so excited to receive these, I opened everything up right away, the first few pictures were taken the evening I received my goodies, with flash on otherwise the pictures would be blurry and not good. Can you believe your eyes and how intense those colors look?! My thoughts exactly! I wanted to wait to take the rest in daylight- and so I have! (remember to click the photos for bigger, better, more detailed products!!)

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~ by Snarky Princess on April 10, 2011.

9 Responses to “>Indie Spotlight Review: My Beauty Addiction”

  1. >Oh noes! I love those pinks/purples 😛 You're gonna make me add more things to my shopping queue. LOL.

  2. >Ahh! Such beautiful, intense colors! Great swatches 🙂

  3. >Those foils look neat! 😀 I love the look of the stacker. So rainbow-y and pretty!

  4. >I love how much care you put into swatching, so detailed!

  5. >These colours are amazing! I need Stargazer and Heliotrope in particular.

  6. >As a huge fan of MBA I love the review and was constantly agreeing with your statements through the whole thing. I'm super jealous you get to try all those foils!!! Haha, my turn will come, just a little patience and gorgeous colors will be mine 😉

  7. >@MnG: I love her pinks and purples… And Sherrie totally remembered my comments about them being my FAAAAAVORITE on my eyes!!! :D@Melly: Thank you so much!!@Reggie: Personally, I love the stacker… But I'm pretty sure they're now being packaged in twister-jars 🙂 With PINK rings around the lids!!!!@Gone2RebabBRB: Thank you so much for saying that.. Sometimes I think I've gone daft with the amount of pictures I take, and angles… And actually cropping/getting the pictures done can be a PAIIIIIIN… But since you all like them so much… I shall continue!@RavenRose: They're my two FAV of the bunch! I'm really bummed that After Party doesn't show up as the punch-you-in-the-face purple it REALLY is… But… *meh* Guess I gotta save pennies for a new Canon Rebel :D@DreamBubbles: Awwww thank you so much!!! The foils are seriously A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!

  8. >Excellent review! Very thorough and informative!

  9. >@Vulcan_Butterfly: Thank you so much! I'm not sure if I'm giving too much information, so all the feedback I get is very appreciated!! 🙂

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