>Project: Safe Indie


Good Saturday to everyone!
I wanted to give you just a quick update here to inform you of a new venture that a few other bloggers and I will be taking on in an effort to have information at the ready for your perusal. I’ll reveal my partners shortly, but the genius behind this idea has been Tina from Dark Heart Designs. As a MMU indie company herself, she’s set aside time from her own busy schedule of formulating, creating, and running her business to make sure this venture gets off the ground.
The gist?
We’re going to compile a central location of indie mineral makeup companies for everyone who wants to shop. Granted, we probably won’t get every last one that’s out there, but our aim is to have as many as we can.
This is something I think is long overdue, and in light of recent situations, we feel is necessary in order to keep you- the consumers- aware of the product you’re purchasing from a company.
Our goal is to keep it fun and informative! We’re still currently in the tossing around ideas phase right now as far as eligibility and requirements for companies to submit in order to be added to the list.
I just wanted to let you know!

I’m in the midst of dying my hair again… And I must go rinse now! Half black, half my typical bright red… I need to get different bulbs for my lamps so you can be impressed with the redness that my hair is… (When it’s not grown out… LOL)

xoxoxo ~*Snarky P

~ by Snarky Princess on March 12, 2011.

6 Responses to “>Project: Safe Indie”

  1. >I hope you include Noella Beauty Works and Brazen Cosmetics!

  2. >I just am in the process of starting a mmu/soap and other body stuff business (I actually am normally more professional, but my hyper critical sister is going to be here in five minutes and I'm terrified I missed a spot cleaning. I just can't stand hours of my bad parenting, living, you name it. I am sure some people can get that). I open the first of April (fitting) and have been very uptight over the last year, building a formulary and can name all safe and unsafe ingredients etc. I am happy to take tests (not a bad idea for inclusion in a list like this, although people can cheat) and have used the http://www.lotioncrafter.com/pdf/CTFA.cGMPs.pdf (for manufacturing cosmetics in a plant) as much as I can, including a clipboard with all the possible emergency situations that can realistically happen, (not dropped corn starch, but glycolic acid) and have a procedure for cleaning it. I'd love to be a part of your group and welcome any visits, as long as the kids aren't home. You can't hear then. I think this is a fantastic idea. Long overdue and insurance should be a part of it, if possible. I'm tired of the few ruining it for the many. A well educated consumer is the best answer. Look at what's in things.I read a quote from a doctor once who said, like it was a bad thing, "people only want to use mineral makeup cause there are fewer ingredients." My answer? "fewer and safer." This is my soap box and I'll give someone else a chance to have a say. 🙂 Love your tutorials.

  3. >Brilliant! Each order I receive and love I'm reviewing the company and its maker! It was the sort of thing I was looking for when I started out and I wanted to provide the info I wanted and couldn't get. 😀 Best of luck with your new venture!

  4. >@Michelle: We're going to include LOTS of companies… But yes, based on what I've seen of those two companies… *Fabulous*!! Still working on a website, but we've got some good things put together already :)@Nancy: Thank you! And I agree with your answer 100%! It's ok- I understand about the hypercritical clean sister… LOL Hope the visit went nicely though! Thank you for the information you've provided- we're looking for that same openness and honesty from others as well… And those that have businesses that are legitimate will provide it the same way as you have, with nothing to hide! It's very refreshing to see :)@T: Thank you! We'll have the site up and running as soon as we can 🙂

  5. >This is a fabulous idea. Like Nancy (hey babycakes!) I am also about to open a MMU company and have been following the various drama's avidly. It's pretty much a "How not to run a business" tutorial! I look forward to your site and indeed the day I am listed as a safe company!

  6. >@deLeonCosmetics: Wonderful!!I had not quite intended for things to snowball the way they have… But I do believe everything happens for a reason.With that being said, I can't wait to see what you offer!! We'll have a few guidelines set up for inclusion- but they're pretty basic and easy 🙂 Once the site is ready to launch, you can bet everyone here on my end will be the first to know!!

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