>LOTD/EOTD – BH Cosmetics Peacock Eyes


Ok, well… I've decided to go ahead and show you my most recent EOTD/LOTD instead of the two older ones I did, considering the fact that I can tell you (sort of) what colors I've used for this one.
Peacock Eyes.
Everyone seems to love them. Blues, Greens and Purples tend to be a popular look for many, as the colors  together really do tend to compliment every complexion. It doesn't matter if you're super-pale (like me, thanks to my ancestors) have medium, or even dark skin. It's flattering for everyone.

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~ by Snarky Princess on March 7, 2011.

6 Responses to “>LOTD/EOTD – BH Cosmetics Peacock Eyes”

  1. >You know what, I succumbed to the temptation of the mega palettes – soooo many colorsssss! But I think I got a bad one – well, they're all imported from China, I'm guessing mine just sat around longer than usual – because I could NOT get any of the colors to show up >.< I may try again though. I'm always so jealous of everyone's success with these!And yep, I am the same way with desecrating the brand new shadows!! Imagine if you had the Chantecaille Sea Turtle palette – it'd feel evern worse :O

  2. >Those shadows look so pretty! I'm totally lemming for some pressed shadows now, even though I love my minerals too!I think I need some new pressed shadows to "desecrate" before I know whether or not I feel bad about doing it!@eRIN: I TOTALLY agree about the Chantecaille Sea Turtle palette – WAY too pretty to use. I'd keep it as a decoration!

  3. >Don't know why my post dropped. But a quick question, what black kohl eye liner do you use. I love the way your eyes look. Thanks!!

  4. >Aw this makes me miss my palette from coastal scents. =[ This looks great on you though. =] Very pretty.

  5. >Love how the the looks works as a whole.Love your eye shape, so cat-like

  6. >@Erin: Fughettaboutit! If there's makeup that's pressed with a pretty design, I can't touch it! It gets ruined too easily!!!!@Reggie: Please do… So I'm not alone ;)@Cheryl: I use Wet 'N Wild's ColorIcon kohl eyeliner- it's AWESOME! I used to really not like their makeup, but it seems like they really overhauled their line and have some fabulous finds! I also have their gel eyeliner- and I can't say enough good about it!@Manda: Thank you :)@Gone2Rehab: Love the username! Hahaha :)And thank you- This combination of colors I especially love!

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