>A Long Tale of Orglamix Organic Ending With Unexpected Big Bang


Update 03/06/2011
I've made a few changes to the wording in my blog here, as I realize some of it was much too harsh and left no room for interpretation. I wanted this post to be as objective as possible, and I think to a certain extent I succeeded. There were just a few things I needed to change.

Thanks for your support everyone.

~*Snarky P

Update 03/05/2011

This is not a smear campaign.
I am not doing this maliciously.
I've tried to contact Cheri in regards to some labeling questions I had, and during the time I've been waiting for her to respond… I've done some research. I had no idea she was in LA, all we knew is that she went from posting frequently… To not a peep. But there's a flurry today in response to what I've been able to compile.
I'm heartbroken and sad at the amount of information and what I have found- but if you do not believe me (which is your right) then you can do some simple google searches as well and can readily find the same information I did. It's not lies. The internet caches pages for a reason.

If there is an explanation as to why these things appear the way they do, and is indeed a huge coincidence- by all means…. Show me Cheri. Show me your workspace. Show me the bags or large containers your bulk purchased mineral foundations, colors, micas, and other organic material is delivered to you in. Show me your empty jars with no labels before the minerals are packaged. Show me you and your employees having a sticker fest and labeling the handmade colors. I will be glad to remove this post and apologize profusely once I've seen beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am wrong with information I have found.
As many of you know, I've been a die-hard fan of Orglamix for a LONG time. This has not been easy for me to write or share. Look at my tag cloud- how many Orglamix looks have I created? How many times have I used the product? Would I compose this if I didn't have serious doubts as to how this company is run? No.
Do I believe Cheri is selling us unsafe makeup?
No. I don't. The product itself is wonderful.
Do I believe the product is subject to a deeper peek due to some labeling issues which have come up?
Yes. That's all I did. And I've shared what I've been able to find.

As a response to those currently who are asking more questions on Orglamix's Facebook Page as to whether or not the business is legitimate… It's coming to light comments and questions are being removed, and those who dare ask or question are being banned from the page.

I mean… When you start reading my introduction below… It's positive, isn't it?!
Does that sound like someone who would invest hundreds of dollars into a company, promote and refer friends, family and strangers to support Cheri as well… Just so I can turn around and write "lies" and "be mean"?

Think about it.
~*Snarky P


Post Composition Started 03/03/2011

This is a very long post. There is a lot of information I've found and compiled, and I feel is necessary to share. If you want to skip the top, that's fine… Just take a look at the bottom few pictures of the blog to get the jist of where I'm going with this tale.

You all know I've been a fan of Orglamix. I have been since October of 2009, which was when I first discovered mineral makeup. Looking at this particular shop, I was intrigued because of the fact that Cheri had no preservatives or extra "fluff and stuff" in her cosmetics. No fillers, nothing bad for my skin… So what the heck? I gave it a go. I loved the pictures, but really wondered if they would be true to color when I received them. I ordered a few, and I can tell you immediately I was in love with the pigments when they arrived, the way they applied, and the many ways I could mix-and-match to get different looks. As I researched, I found Cheri and her company was really starting to take off.

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  1. >There was another one that I was looking at, RJ Minerals, that will do custom colors, as well as custom labels. Many of the colors, like at CPL, are not exact, but since they do custom labels….??? I know a lot of this is circumstantial, but it's very hard to ignore the information that is staring you in the face. The ali baba screenshots are pretty upsetting to see… I will leave a link back to you now, and do a small write up tomorrow. Thank you so much for looking deeper and writing this. I know how hard it was.

  2. >Thanks so much for doing the research and for posting this. That post she made on ali baba pretty much seals it for me.

  3. >OMG-Im really really upset right now!!

  4. >Wow. Will be sharing this on my blog. Explains it all. I'm extremely glad I didn't purchase from her when I'd planned to. I'm also glad I caught all of this in time to warn my friends.

  5. >Wow! you sure unmasked her scam! thanks for sharing. i had only bought a foundation before all this happened….now i am womdering if that foundation was also stock??!! I feel bad for all her fans on her FB page that go nuts over all her stuff…if they only knew…

  6. >The good news ladies is that the product she IS selling is ALL mineral and safe for us to use. I'll be looking into the foundations and correctors… But I'd venture to also say that's affirmative as far as being stock.The only deception is the fact that she claims it's handmade with her own formulations.I've never seen an ingredients list for ANY of my colors, but the listings sure note what *isn't* in them. I guess I should have asked sooner.I'm torn- I love the product, and she's always been very nice to me. But the fact that there's all this deceptiveness… Well, YOU all deserve to know what the hell is going on. And *that's* why I've researched and posted this.

  7. >Thank you for posting.. and I'm sorry you spent so much before discovering..Good thing is, there are many other trustworthy MMU companies out there 🙂

  8. >@Snarky P, I'm guessing she never responded to your email? I'm still waiting for a response from mine which was sent on March 1st. Also that last interview link you posted was VERY telling, probably the most detail I've read in any interview – and the fact she was talking about having to hire people and switch to a "lab" soon, and could only be on etsy while she was able to make it herself (and this interview was in 2009)…. um yeah.I'd love to know where the LE products come from, especially the recent ones in the twisty shifter jars (which are not even sealed in any way). Shelby let me know those jars probably come from TKB, but where does the product come from and who's filling it? Is it sanitary? Is it safe?

  9. >@Melly: You're welcome… We all deserve to know the truth. And indeed- there are other honest companies out there who want to provide outstanding service! I'll give them my support!@Trelli: No, she hasn't responded to my email, which is why I held off on posting this yesterday. However, the last portion of what I added last night/early this morning is what sealed the deal for me. Since I have no reply, I've posted regardless. It would have been nice to see what she had to say though.The LE colors could have come from ANY of the private label companies… Or get a few together, mix in a big bowl, and re-pot. Or add some glitter or sparklies. To me… That's not too creative, and certainly doesn't count as handmade.Personally, I think the jars come from CPL, since in their stock pic of their jars 3 out of the 4 match what I've personally received in my stock. But who knows at this point… Not much is known except what a few of us have been able to piece together.

  10. >Yeah, I was just talking about the twisty sifter jars – I agree with you on the other jars. Though they do seem to be pretty standard, like many companies could potential be selling the same thing. The primer is interesting – I was trying to figure that out too but the ingredients on the site you linked don't match to what she lists on the etsy listing – but who knows? Is she accurately listing her ingredients? How do we know for sure? Regardless, I'm sure it's a private label product some somewhere.As for the LE colors… kinda scary actually, makes me wonder about her working conditions if she is just mixing it in a bowl and calling it good. Is she still working out of that attic playroom?

  11. >@Trelli: I didn't mean for my comment to allude to how the colors are created… I just guessed that's what's maybe done. Honestly, I've never seen her work space, attic, playroom, lab… Whatever it is at this point, so I have NO CLUE how she mixes anything. If anything really IS mixed…??I just looked it up… I wanna cuss so bad.CPL Eye Primer contains:Cycopentasil oxane, Dimetht cone, Cross polymer, Octyl palmitate, Syncpe wax, Iron oxide, Castor oil, Liquapar oil Magnetism Eye Primer contains:Cycropentasiloxane, Polydimethylsiloxane, Crosspolymer, Octyl Palmitate, Syncrowax, Iron Oxides, Pomegranate Seed Oil (Punica granatum)*******************************************I copied ingredients, exactly as listed.

  12. >Dimethicone can be another name for Polydimethylsiloxane (so says a quick google search). So the Castor oil, Liquapar oil and Pomegranate seed oil are not matching up…and I hate to say it, but Liquapar oil? Parabens.Product name: LIQUAPAR OIL Chemical name(INCI) :Isopropyl, isobutyl and butyl esters of parahydroxybenzoic acidCategory : PreservativeI don't know for sure but my opinion would be that is the exact product and she is lying about her ingredients on etsy. OH I'M SO MAD NOW.

  13. >Even though you did say that these are mineral cosmetics, I am not sure how comfortable I am with using anything purchased from Orglamix. Do you think I have cause to worry about the ingredients? By the way, thank you so much for this article even though it is heartbreaking to read.

  14. >Thanks for writing this article! What I always wondered where the photo's. Some of the swatches and of the jars Cheri made are really bad quality (she said on FB made with her cellphone???) But on etsy the quality is good and professional. I find that strange and contradicting as well…

  15. >I am so glad you guys are finding all this out. Problem is I too wish it had been found out before I spent so much money, recommending what I thought was a pure vegan company, and even buying for friends and family. Fuck if I wasn't in a hurry to pack and go on a plane right now .. I could write a whole lot more.

  16. >Ow I just saw on facebook that she uses istockphoto's to promote orgalmix (FB profile picture and on etsy)! So my thoughts were right…

  17. >I actually purchased the Try Me, Buy Me set around Christmas, when it was on sale and received the XL Foundation, Glow, and Blush. My XL foundation didn't even come with an Orglamix sticker on top- it just had a sticker with "Mineral Foundation MF-1" and the listed ingredients below it. The ingredients match up perfectly with the CPL ingredents.I thought it was a little odd at the time that it didn't have an orglamix sticker, but everything else DID and I'd ordered a ton of stuff from Orglamix at that point, so I assumed that it was a left over sticker from old stock when she didn't name foundations (or something similar).

  18. >Thank you for posting this. I wonder when Cheri is going to come out of the hiding. I posted on her FB fan page before as to why all her listings use stock photos, and if she repacks. All the time I got a lame "I handmake every single one of my shadows." Even after that blog post about Lady Burd cosmetics, she continued to say she formulates her own shades. When is she going to stop lying to her fans? If she wants to save the ones who are still loyal to her, she has to speak out now.

  19. >I just linked to this post on my blog.Wow.

  20. >If you go to amazon and search orglamix you will find it being sold by… Wait for it… Beauty of a site 😦

  21. >I think I won't purchase anymore, but I won't stop using my E/S as I like them, and they seems pretty safe either way.And I will enter your giveaway =P

  22. >Well, this really blew up while I was asleep! If it's okay, I'll be linking your post in my blog. I am disappointed and upset at Orglamix. Thank you for all the research!

  23. >As a separate point, thanks so much for all of your research. I have a ton of Orglamix stuff to go through that I'll continue to use until I'm done with it, but I'm definitely super bummed. Like you, it helped to considerably clear up my skin. I'd tried a ton of makeup products before and this was the only one that was within my price range, cleared up my skin, and had such a great selection of products. I know there's a ton of great etsy sellers out there with similar products, but it will be tough to find the "right" one after this 😦

  24. >I kinda figured something was up with her-I've read/seen a lot about all the companies she runs/owns/manages etc! You can also add Mangosteen & Sticky Toffee as relabeled ones (actually she sent me mangosteen and it didn't even HAVE an orglamix label on it-I believe Shelby sent you the picture I sent her?

  25. >Btw, you mention in the comments that all products are eye safe. The Candy Glam line contained some products that were safe, and some products that were not eye safe and some products that were not lip safe, but I believe it was pointed out on another blog that Cheri said they were all eye and lip safe.

  26. >Thank you for posting this. I have never ourchased from orglamix and thanks to such information being out there, I will never make that mistake.I am really sorry though that you ended up spending so much on something that didn't turn out to be what you thought it was! *hug*

  27. >Good morning ladies… I managed to get about 5 hours of sleep, since I didn't end up being able to konk out until close to six this morning…@Trelli: I had planned on posting the links to the ingredients themselves, but my brain was so fried in the wee hours of this morning I figured I'd at least post the ingredients. Thank you for following up with the non-organic composition of the primer. To me, it seems the jar was stamped with a label… And shipped out to… Us.@Michelle: The one resounding question from everyone has been "Are these safe to use or not?"From what I've been able to research and compile- the answer is YES. They are mineral shadows. Some of the reds contain carmine, so certain ones are not 100% vegan. But the products themselves are indeed mineral makeup. (NOT the eye primer though) Most are simply just Mica (super-sparklies), *May Contain* Titanium Dioxide (safe, used as a "bonder") and Carmine (non-vegan; they're crushed parts of beetles ground very finely to get some of those vibrant reds and pinks we love. Of course, it's processed… Not straight bug that goes on our eyes.) Instead of thinking you purchased it from Orglamix, think of it more as of purchasing directly from the supplier sites.@Manja: Mmmmhmmmm…. Let's see what she says.@Rebecca: Feel free to continue that heartfelt rant when you're able 🙂 I've done the same- given the business name to *strangers* when they love my eye looks. This really frosts my @$$.@Michelle: Are you SERIOUS?!?!?! You'd think with prior rumors and ramblings that the company might have been up to re-selling private label that the Private Label Stickers would be removed *first*…. Oooohhhh…. *deep breath*@Amber: I saw…. I'm thankful you've done that!! Do you think she'll admit anything at this point? I have my doubts… I mean… Had she simply said "I'm private label" I STILL would have purchased. But now, knowing this… Not another cent.@Phyrra: Thank you… People need to know!!@Melissa: I remember her saying the other day someone on her page said something about "Hey, look you're on Amazon!" And her reply was something like "Yes, it's a supplier that has picked me up." or something to that effect. I can't for the life of me find the comment right now. I know it was there… But now that I've connected the dots- WOW!@Cindy: Same as me 🙂 And giveaway will still happen.@Reggie: Yes… Indeed… And Cheri just posted she's in LA… As of when?! And her latest comment, if someone wouldn't mind taking a screen shot… Her status indeed is "I am currently in LA until Monday; and therefore have been not posting or on Facebook for the last few days. I want to state that I unequivocally personally make EVERY SINGLE Orglamix product. Anyone local is welcome to come visit my lab on Monday morning, please PM me. I will certainly respond to each & every post when I get home."We'll see.

  28. >@Michelle: I mirror your sentiments exactly… I'm even out of work right now because of a severe back injury, and what little EXTRA money I managed to scrape together went to buying Orglamix. Talk about a huge let down :(@OurLife: I think if you gathered all us 'Glamix Girls together, we'd all find each and every color between us has at least one double sticker with a private label ID.@Phyrra: You're correct. Candy Glam ONLY turned out to have products where some were safe, some were not approved for eye use, and some not approved for eye and lip use. But it was sold under the Orglamix line in October 2010 as part of a promo. The Orglamix line itself is not compromised, as it is not supplied from Lady Burd.@Ki: Thank you!I cried out of disgust, anger and disappointment with each new discovery… I mean, it's obviously not rocket science. But I'm not the kind of person who would do this out of malice or to mislead… The facts are there. Anyone can do the same research I did, and come up with the same results. It will be interesting to see what is said on Monday.Even despite all this… I still LOVE my collection… I just won't be adding to it.

  29. >I've taken a screenshot of that status and posted in my blog. I also linked you twice. Just for reference: http://color-me-obsessed.blogspot.com/2011/03/follow-up-to-orglamix.html

  30. >My comments have just been deleted and I have been banned from her fan page. I took screen shots though, will upload them shortly.

  31. >For anyone concerned about the accuracy of Orglamix labeling, I say you do have cause for concern. US, Canadian and EU regulations all require that companies use the INCI name for ingredients. Orglamix clearly is not following this rule: Synchrowax is a trade name for several different types of synthetic waxes- each type has it's own INCI name, and it is that name that companies LEGALLY must print on their labels.If a company can't follow simple labeling guidelines, what other rules are they breaking? And, frankly, how much can they really know about the chemicals they're working with?As Trellisaze points out, it would appear that even CPL isn't using current regulations to label it's products. It's vaguely possible this *may* be admissable because they do not directly market products to consumers, it still seems quite obvious that the company is intentionally trying to mislead by listing "LiquaPar Oil" instead of it's legal, controversial paraben INCI name.Does this mean the products are unsafe? Maybe not, but if you have a severe allergy to a particular ingrediet, I simply wouldn't trust items from a company that doesn't correctly label it's products. As a quick side note, I feel like I should mention that the controversial nature of parbens is largely inflated, and current scientifc evidence concludes that parabens are perfectly safe for use in cosmetics. Despite Internet rumors to the contrary, parabens are not banned by any country in the world that has governing bodies for cosmetics and toiletries. I know there's a lot of confusion about parabens out there, so I just thought I'd mention that 🙂

  32. >@Reggie: Thank you…@Trelli: I see she's had time to respond to a fake ebay reseller who is unauthorized, but my email has gone unanswered STILL. I didn't just compose this up and post it because I wanted to. I made my inquiry. While I waited, I looked up different words online. ALL the information is there… I easily could have been considered one of Cheri's BIGGEST FANS… I don't like how I'm being demonized for sharing *facts* I've gathered. I geuss it's par for the course though.@Jessica: Thank you much for the info. I don't necessarily have a problem with using regular cosmetics with chemicals and additives and such…. But when I purchase mineral makeup, and with the understanding that it's organic and/or handmade… I don't think I'm wrong in being upset I've found out the exact opposite.Thank you again though 🙂

  33. >I've got screen shots of deleted comments here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/trellisaze/sets/72157626202217986/with/5498003557/@Jessica, the problem I have with parabens is that if they are actually in her primer, she flat out lied to us as consumers about them being in there. She promotes her line as "paraben free!" It's a personal choice whether we want to buy and use products with them in there, and by her not being honest about the ingredients, that's a huge problem!

  34. >@Snarky you did a really brave and honest thing by writing this post – and you were as objective as possible. Please try not to let the negative comments get to you. It's really sad how people are coming to Cheri's defense, saying we should have let her respond before accusing – but COME ON! She's not responding to our emails and questions. She stated today she would respond to each post individually but then she just deleted all of the offending ones!

  35. >@Trelli: I also meant to say I'm sorry she banned you from the page. I expect I'm next, and any of us who speak about this.However, if Cheri sees these comments… I will gladly remove this post if I see proof of:The colors are ALL handmade. Containers of each and every ingredient, mixing stations, packaging stations…If it's done in a lab, I want to see the proper equipment. I want to see the proper attire used in the lab. What safety precautions are in place to make sure the pigments aren't contaminated? (Although, I don't personally think they are. My opinion.)I want a list of each and every ingredient in every single one of my colors. Or rather, I can expand that to say I want a list of each and every product she offers for sale- and the contents and ingredients of what's packaged in each and every jar.I'd like to see stacks of products in the lab, pulled for orders by Cheri and her helpers, if any, and ready to get into their bubble mailers.If I'm flat out and completely wrong- I will say so. Until I have a response in some way, shape or form, I can only go the information I've been able to dig up from fellow friends online and other websites.

  36. >@Snarky, I have no doubt you would admit to being wrong if the right evidence presents itself. I am really saddened by the fact that Cheri has chosen to delete & ignore and sweep all of this away into a nice hiding place under the rug. JUST BE HONEST. GIVE US PROOF. Since it really seems so hard for her to do, as of right now, there is NO WAY I can possibly believe in her. If she would just answer my emails and questions, I might have a different opinion. But I'm pretty certain that the reason she isn't answering us is because we are right and she has no defense. So her answer is just keep deleting & ignoring! Ban the people asking valid questions! Just keep on deleting anything that comes up that threatens to expose you Cheri, so you can keep your hands deep in our pocketbooks while taking full advantage of our willingness to keep on believing that pretty, glossy picture you have created for us.I will say again: I don't care if you use private label products. I don't care if you use stock photos. What I care about is when you lie to me. What I care about is you not being upfront about where your products and images comes from, and what ingredients are ACTUALLY in your products. The more you keep deleting and ignoring, the bigger hole you are digging yourself Cheri Rychlee Tracy. You keep saying "The truth will prevail!" What truth is that, exactly?

  37. >well all my posts have been deleted as well as blocked…interesting…I guess it's just easier for her to block/delete then answer valid concerns!Not a way you want to treat your customers!

  38. >Great follow up added to your post Amanda! Well said!

  39. >Hey there. I just wanted to let you know I linked to your post from my blog, LeGothique.Thanks for all the research.

  40. >@Trelli: I think you're right.A classic case of "If you don't see it, you don't believe it… And it's not there." Well folks… It appears there IS an actual monster lurking under the bed for a while :/And thank you… I've been seeing some pretty nasty comments about ME personally regarding this disclosure- I was expecting some, but this much? Unreal. Why pour money into a company if you don't like it?! It just doesn't make sense!! LOL@OurLife: It speaks volumes in regards to her emotional age. Heh, a saying comes to mind… "Act your age, not your shoe size."Deleting posts and banning customers is not the way to win friends and influence people.@legothique: Thank You!

  41. >Trelli & Snarky, I totally agree with what both of you are saying here- I'm sorry if it didn't come across that way. As a retailer, Orglamix is required to follow labeling regulations for the exact reason Trelli mentions- as consumers, we have the right to decide what we use on and in our bodies. By not following these regulations companies undermine our ability to make informed decisions, and that's not just morally wrong, it's illegal.And Snarky, you are totally justified in your anger at the deception you were victim of as a customer of Orglamix, I was upset when I felt I'd been similarly duped by another company. It seems like my comments may have come across as a criticism of your post- it was meant to support it & the comments made by other users- sorry again if I was unclear 🙂

  42. >Sadly, I am not surprised. Honestly Beautiful proved in her blog back in late '09 that Cherie's other company, Urban Apothecary was private label as well.Not that the products are bad. Just that they are definitely not hand made, nor are they vegan, all natural or paraben/preservative/etc. free. Sad.

  43. >@Jessica: I didn't take it that way at all… I thank you for being so candid and honest, and all comments here are welcome… Even constructive criticism, as long as it's kept civil and respectful!

  44. >@Zillah: That post shocked me as well… And thank you for sharing it with me. Us. All of us.

  45. >She deleted my posts and banned me as well. =[My one issue right now with everyone defending her and people saying she DID explain everything. She only apologized for the candy glam stuff she repackaged and said she changed labels. She doesn't explain how products have labels that aren't from orglamix at all. She doesn't explain the stock photo's and lying and saying what eyeshadows were used on them. I find it hard to believe that this could all be a huge coincidence. It's just very unlikely. If it is however, I'll take back what I've posted on my blog http://toxid-lotus.netI also think while the cosmetics are most likely safe. That doesn't change the fact that no one knows how she handles them. =/ Also the primer is a huge blow considering she praised her products on being chemical free.

  46. >Also. Why didn't she respond to questions/comments when she was actively posting on facebook? She had some waiting for her at that point. She ignored them and also deleted any comments in question. So I really wonder if she is indeed actually in LA. She also could have left all the comments up and answered them later. If she truly was an honest person she would have left them up and said something about it. No one was malicious. If she has nothing to hide, why hide the questions?

  47. >@Manda: I'm so sorry to hear that… I haven't commented there, I'm just observing what's going on. I thought it pretty convenient she said she was out of town and unable to really address each and every concern left on her wall… But it looks like nearly all of them have been removed…And it seems as if you're all coming back to here telling me the comments were left by you, and were not removed by you. It leads one to seriously question exactly what the hell is going on 😦 She has time to remove posts, but not to answer questions? But to comment and thank those who are defending her??I'm confused.

  48. >@Manda, I totally agree. Sorry you were banned too. 😦 I love how Cheri initially said she would respond to each post – but then she just went right ahead and deleted all of the ones that dared question her (and it's still happening). That is totally unprofessional and immature behavior. We deserve answers.

  49. >Yep that's my issue. I was Amanda Shoemaker. I logged on facebook to find myself banned and everything I posted there deleted, and it was there when I went to bed. But really she has the time to delete all of my posts, none of which were mean in any way outside of saying uh what the hell are you doing? And she couldn't respond to them or make a post saying she was going to explain everything?THEN she has time to respond to everyone else thanking them? There is something wrong with that. If she wasn't hiding anything she would have left them up for people to see. She's literally beating around the bush. Sidestepping questions and only answering stuff she wants to, but not giving any *real* answers. Honestly I probably wouldn't be so mad about this if I didn't have an illness. What goes on my skin is a huge deal for me. I was ready to shell out a lot of money on her products thinking they wouldn't contain all the crap other cosmetics do. They are most likely still safe, but if she lied about this, what's to stop her from lying about anything else? No one will ever know if she DOES start selling products with chemicals and crap in them because no one knows when she isn't lying, and that is dangerous for those of us who have health conditions where something as small as an eyeshadow can make us sick and/or cause us horrible skin reactions.

  50. >@Manda: I'm SO happy at least that you haven't had a bad reaction to her products… That would have made it ALL the more worse :(She'll have a lot to answer to if she wants the posts retracted by those of us who have said we will on conditions she answers questions to the T.

  51. >Check the facebook page and see what Shelby just posted. I am pretty mad right now!

  52. >It saddens me that people are still in denial about this, with all the proof being given. I’d like to ask them, how do you think Cheri finds time to make enough product to have a 2-day TAT for all her hundreds of orders? How does she never run out of ingredients, or have them discontinued by the supplier? How does a company like Fyrinnae, with so many incoming orders they have to close every few weeks to process and create them all, with only two employees very well-known high quality, do LESS than Cheri does “all by herself” – while simultaneously having her fingers in all those other pies (Beauty of a Site, Haute Tub, Urban Apothecary)? It’s physically impossible. I know she’s offered to do walk-in tours of her “lab” in response to this, and I can’t wait to LOL at the results.

  53. >@erin I totally agree 100% with you on all of those points. And I've gotta say, thanks for what you just posted on the fan page (since so many of us have been banned and can no longer respond). If I could I would be over there backing you up completely.I think perhaps a big part of why some people are in denial is because they just can't fathom believing the evidence, because it means admitting they were duped too. Others aren't taking the time to read through anything, and are just seeing what they want to see in Cheri's creative choice of words – believing what they want to believe. Your post on the top of the fan page right now is spot on – it really is getting to be too big for her to simply ignore and hide from, because people are starting to talk and spread the word and ask questions and have doubts. For every person who gets banned and deleted, hopefully another will step forward until she is absolutely forced to face the music and stop hiding behind avoidance and lies.I can't WAIT to see this "lab" of hers.

  54. >Erin, your post was deleted. I got a screen shot before it was. Shelby's post has also been removed.

  55. >I got one too and I've been collecting screen shots all day… PLEASE if anyone objects to having their name shown (I haven't taken the time to black out names), email me at starshy at gmail.com and I will take it down/black it out. http://www.flickr.com/photos/trellisaze/sets/72157626202217986/

  56. >I commented above saying that one of my Balsa foundations NEVER had an Orglamix label on it and simply said "Mineral Foundation MF-1" with the listed ingredients below it. I purchased it as part of the "Try Me, Buy Me" in November since it was such a great deal and intended to use it once my previous Balsa ran out. At that time, I didn't think too far into it, since the other things I received with the order (blush, glow, eye shadow, and another balsa) all had Orglamix labels, as did all of my other previous orders. In light of all of this, I've taken some pics if anyone is curious:http://www.flickr.com/photos/mishystars/It DOES look to be an exact match to the CPL Mineral Foundation, ingredients, jar, and all.

  57. >GREAT photos Michelle! Did you notice that there is a missing ingredient on that label when compared to the ingredients listed on her policies page on etsy?from etsy:Organic Mineral Foundationmica, sericite, black iron oxide, red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, camellia sinensis (organic white tea) extract, vitis vinifera (organic grapeseed) extract.HMMM… where's the organic white tea extract and the organic grapeseed extract?I asked her this very question in my email earlier this week that she has not replied to.

  58. >I didn't notice that, but thanks for pointing that out!! Also- feel free to use/repost these photos, of course.

  59. >I didn't see any of the posts ladies…I was just sharing cake and ice cream with Mom and Dad since today's my Mom's Birthday!It appears Orglamix is still "liking" positive posts… And removing those which are negative.Such a shame.

  60. >I'm really glad you're taking screenshots. I was just coming to post that it looks like she's deleted a bunch of comments. It's amazing that she's in LA and can't respond to questions but has all the time to delete posts she doesn't like.

  61. >Hah. She just responded to the latest post with:Orglamix Cosmetics This is a matter between Shelby, myself and my attorney. I deleted it because it does not concern anyone else.about a minute agoIt's funny how it doesn't concern anyone else when she's shared it with other people in the first place. If it didn't concern other people it should have stayed between her, her lawyer and shelby. And what about the other comments she deleted? Why were those deleted?

  62. >I had a whole post typed out and then when i submitted it, it said that it couldn't be processed… so here is the gist of that other post Someone mentioned she didn't have a business license, except for under urban apothecary from years ago, i tried looking up orglamix and her other misc "projects" on the http://www.ilsos.gov/corporatellc/ website but found nothing else.. too bad we can't look up by owners name.. so if she has no business license… she doesn't pay taxes on her business..?I also looked her up on the BBB website, and low and behold urban apothecary has an F, for failing to respond to complaints. http://www.bbb.org/chicago/business-reviews/cosmetics-and-perfumes-retail/urban-apothecary-in-northfield-il-88078003 theres a total of 3 complaints, 2 about delivery issues and one about advertising issues, "claims alleging print or electronic media advertised or practices misrepresent the service or product offered." i recall being able to look up specific complaints in the past on the BBB but maybe only recent ones? I dont know… but obviously she has been duping people for years, just every time she gets caught she changes her business' name…

  63. >and her being out of town is completely ridiculous, if she can sit there on facebook deleting any damning evidence and praising everyone else then she can respond to legitimate concerns from her users… she is just seeing the crap hit the fan so to speak and is trying to cover her bum so she still has some fans at the end of the day..

  64. >I found another interesting read for everyone…http://decadentdarkness.blogspot.com/2009/10/mineral-makeup-mutiny-cause-and-effect.html?zx=c6c123a6210cd2e0And another bombshell.http://www.ilsos.gov/corporatellc/Look up Orglamix and Urban Apothecary

  65. >All I can say is "Wow!" I have been totally out of the loop about all of this. The information I just read has made me very mad as I was very excited to have found this wonderful, handmade, organic makeup…I am beyond disappointed. I must say, in hindsight, that I became a bit suspicious of Cheri when questions came up over her various packaging and the difference in some of the grams listed on the labels. I never fully bought her explanation. As to how anyone could be posting negative comments about you Amanda…I don't get it! You have been a champion for Orglamix and would not be posting such things maliciously. I am sick that I have gushed to friends about Orglamix…I feel so betrayed. Thanks for bringing this information to light. I am off to check my labels…..

  66. >that blog is from oct 2009! geebuz..

  67. >Yeah my negative review that she threatened to sue me over is from 2009 as well.It bothers me that she'd ban you rather than respond to you. I wonder if she'd respond to an email.

  68. >She never responded to my email I sent on March 1st with direct questions about ingredients, my own duplicate label photos, and SPF claims, so I kind of doubt she would respond now. I think she thinks she can just keep deleting and banning those of us who dare question here and then soon this mess will be a faint memory of the past and she can go on deceiving the extensive customer base that remains and no one will be the wiser.I am really grateful to see SO many people finally speaking out though. I don't think it's going to be quite to easy to ignore our questions and concerns as she thinks.

  69. >I cannot believe there are people on the fan page literally saying "I don't care what's in the makeup, I will still use/buy it. If you have sensitive skin you shouldn't be buying makeup anyway".How completely ignorant and insensitive!

  70. >Wow, I saw the drama on the Facebook page, and it looks pretty bad. I'm surprised she still has a die-hard supporters who don't seem to be bothered that she wasn't honest with them. I'd be so unhappy if I had spent my money on those products!

  71. >Interesting too, that CPL cosmetics come in an 8 gram size (odd, as far as I can tell) and so do hers. She's still denying and deleting, upset that people aren't taking her word for it. How many coincidences can you rack up before it stops being a coincidence?

  72. >This is wild….! I had just checked out her stuff on etsy & was thinking of making a purchase. Now I won't be doing so. Thanks so much for this! I got the link from Glamadazzle's tweet.Hope someone gets some straight answers from Cheri soon!

  73. >if the fake ebay reseller mentioned on her page is Mudd Minerals, I doubt it's really fake, but rather another of Cherie's many 'pies'. Or she has a very thorough stalker/counterfeit.Mudd Minerals vs Orglamix: same picture, same description, same quotation AND same misspelling of gingko:http://cgi.ebay.com/Ginko-Pure-Bare-Organic-Vegan-Mineral-Eye-Shadow-/190508787038?pt=US_Makeup_Eyes&hash=item2c5b35655ehttp://www.etsy.com/listing/67115778/sale-ginko-pure-organic-mineral-eye http://www.todaysdiva.ca/2009/12/orglamix-reivew-and-giveaway-ends.html

  74. >I posted my pic on a thread yesterday, after someone asked her about the absence of the white tea and grapeseed extract in their blush and eyeshadow. She claims that her ingredients were change as of 12/10, and this was stated in her policies (it is). It's "technically" an answer for the absence of those things in my foundation (conveniently shipped out 11/30/10) but doesn't explain the label issue (which is what I had commented on) AT ALL.However, there's a major discrepancy on the etsy site, where those ingredients are listed as being in the her products in the policies section, but under the actual foundation listing, only the following ingredients are listed:Mica, Sericite, Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide.Interesting.

  75. >Everything that has been shared it true. I never wanted to know about Cheri's personal business with Shelby. I couldn't keep quiet anymore…And fans are saying it is not organic and it didn't say it was. BUT in her feedback she makes the claim…

  76. >More image theft/stock images:http://www.etsy.com/listing/66847475/whole-grain-pure-organic-self-adjustinghttp://www.striptmakeup.com/face.html (mouse over the mineral veil image)http://www.etsy.com/listing/51428004/polished-and-pretty-orglamix-organichttp://www.vitamin-c-skincare.com/sheerradiance.htmlI've found plenty more, but it seems pretty clear at this point that NONE of her images were taken by her or 'her' photographer but rather from stock/other sites.

  77. >Amanda- Just one thing that needs clarifying in your very thorough article. Cheri did give a "heads up" that she was increasing prices, approximately 2 weeks(?) prior to doing so. She used the reasoning that she was hiring an assistant to help with all the orders and it would allow her to have family time. That was in the November/December time frame. If you remember she had been posting that her little daughter was "helping" her. It was just one posting and approximately 10 people responded including me saying the pricing would still be a "saving" against the established department store products. I am only bringing this to your attention so that no one will "jump" on this one discrepancy to try and indicate that you didn't write a fair and non bias article.Thanks for your investigative skills. I know this has been hard for you, but remember we care.C

  78. >@zillah, wow, thanks for the links… thanks for all the links you posted on the fan page too – did you get banned? Weird how most of your comments are gone but not the one linking to my screen shots on flickr!@Dani, I am watching things unfold on the fan page right now and I want to say: thanks so much for coming forward and speaking out. I really hope you get your refund. So she agreed to cancel it earlier this week but never refunded your money? Shady!@Michelle I asked that question in my email too… pointed out the difference in the foundation ingredients on the individual listings and on the policies page and asked which was correct – NO response of course. Here is a direct quote from my email from last Tuesday:"Why do you not list your full ingredients list on each individual product listing on your etsy site? Some of the listings have an ingredients list, but do not match what is stated on your policies page. For example: Sapele foundation – on the product listing, it states this:Ingredients: Mica, Sericite, Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide.http://www.etsy.com/listing/62626741/sapele-pure-organic-mineral-foundationHowever, on your etsy policies page is states this:Organic Mineral Foundationmica, sericite, black iron oxide, red iron oxide, yellow iron oxide, camellia sinensis (organic white tea) extract, vitis vinifera (organic grapeseed) extract.Does this product include "camellia sinensis (organic white tea) extract, vitis vinifera (organic grapeseed) extract" or not?"

  79. >one more question – does anyone remember her talking about "changing her formulas" like she is claiming she did in December? I only started buying in late Nov/early Dec and don't remember anything on her fan page about changing her formulas. If that is actually true, don't you think she would have mentioned it to let her long standing customers know?? Kinda weird if you ask me…Also many of us have received products with duplicate labels revealing the "old" formulas (not that I'm actually buying that she changed them) in the last few months. I know I have. So I guess it's old product she was sitting on? Then even if that's true, and let's assume she DID change her formulas in December, but sent us old product from before changing her formulas – sorry Cheri, that's false advertising and misrepresentation of your product *as the ingredients are shown on the policies page on etsy*!

  80. >@Dragonfly: WOW is right! My entire intention in this entire thing was to make people think… Question… And to maybe get answers. I'm not sure we will, but nobody can deny the fact that we're here now!@Becky: Geebuz. Couldn't have said it better mah-self!@Phyrra: Yep. So we think I'm next, right? Oh… And no contact still.@Trelli: I'm floored at the support we're getting… I mean, it's not like we're doing anything malicious… We're asking legit questions, and people are finally taking notice that something's awry.I don't remember the re-formulation comments, or the hiring of assistant and increasing prices… But I very well may have missed it. *shrugs*As far as the ingredients and formulas… We need to see what she discloses at this point.@Jade: That's what I'm scratchin' my head at. Blind lemmings. I mean, to support a company based upon product is one thing… But to say "I don't care what's in it I'll still buy it"… Really? Really?! What if someone decided to put arsenic, oleander, mold, mildew, bleach or a number of other toxic, irritating or poisonous things in it! Not to say that's going to happen… But seriously folks! Open your eyes!@MagicalHouses: I'm not so much upset about the amount of money I spent, but on the premise of what I bought the product on. It was sold as one thing, and until I see irrefutable proof stating otherwise, it wasn't the product advertised. I'll still use my product, but will no longer endorse or promote it.@Zillah: I think by now, instead of being a coincidence… It's now a koinkeedink.ko-ink-ee-dink. LOLWe have to laugh at something in here at least… And yeah, I still see the same old shit happening… The eBay seller being a "fake" cracked me up. Have you seen the other posts now happening on her page where other makeup companies are leaving links to their own sites?! L-O-LAnd the stolen images… I'm just… Shaking my head at all of this. Eventually, this bag was going to burst open.@Dani: When things are put out on the table like this, sometimes it's best to disclose unprofessional behavior. You're brave, and I applaud your honesty and candor.@Michelle: I honestly remember NOTHING about her policies section changing 12/2010, or product information being disclosed. I'm kicking myself because I can't say for certain, but I have a feeling that's what she may have updated yesterday. I don't ever remember seeing that products list on her policies page. EVER.@CreativeChild: I'm sorry you had to find out this way in the middle of the storm, but thankful you were made aware of this regardless. Her product is great… But I'd wait until answers are given before a reconsideration… If that's even recoverable at this point.@Cheryl LoL: Thank you for giving me that information… Personally, I don't remember seeing the notification of increase- but if it did happen, then I apologize for saying we had no warning. The holidays are a very busy time in my household, and that stress in addition to my current injury meant I was sporadically online. It's quite possible I did indeed miss it.Thank you for the information, and the correction 🙂

  81. >"@Michelle: I honestly remember NOTHING about her policies section changing 12/2010, or product information being disclosed. I'm kicking myself because I can't say for certain, but I have a feeling that's what she may have updated yesterday. I don't ever remember seeing that products list on her policies page. EVER."It was there before because I convod her asking about Bismuth Oxychloride and which of her products it was in after seeing it as a possible ingredient listed in her mineral eye – that was on 1/24 when I convod her (she told me then that it had been "out of her formulas since late 2009".I can't say for certain how long before then the list was up though. I know that wasn't the first time I saw it, but it was the first time I asked her a question about it.Also there is an interesting thread right now on the fan page that I screen capped and wish I could reply to with direct quotes from the Etsy terms of use page, about what is handmade and whether or not Cheri's products belong on Etsy if she does indeed have a whole team working for her – you can see the thread & read my comments here:http://www.flickr.com/photos/trellisaze/5504174648/

  82. >@Trelli: I recant my statement then. If it was in place, it was there. I just didn't notice it. Thank you for verifying it was indeed there!I'll be checking the Flikr stream…

  83. >Yes, I did get banned, or at least blocked from posting – I can still see the site.On the plus side – Cheri does know how to use photoshop – behold:http://s1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa360/zillah1199/Orgla/TinEye any of her images – that's how I'm finding a lot of this stuffhttp://www.tineye.com/

  84. >@Zillah: HAHAHAHA!!!I can't believe I MISSED that!!! WOW! That's a quick mask, color layer… And BAM! Instant Foundation! HOLYEFFINGMOTHERWOW!

  85. >@zillah great detective work! Sorry you got banned. I can still see stuff too but even after I reliked the page I still can't comment or "like" anything. I would love to know where her eyeball photos come from.

  86. >@trellisaze- haven't been able to find that out yet – other than Mudd Minerals using them as well.

  87. >Did anyone else see this: http://www.etsy.com/teams/7718/site-help/discuss/6808560/

  88. >By the way her eyeball photo. It looks like a few different photos with the same iris photoshopped on. Though I have no idea where she got any of them. But most have the same iris. I looked up the creme menth one on tinyeye.com and checked the switch thing. The iris is identical in many but the eyelashes and other areas are different. not sure if you can see the comparisons:http://www.tineye.com/search/4160e896866a5b62dc7f9650cafb0ce1194185fb/http://www.tineye.com/search/373e665e2ff286b97673a6b9c300249e97f837c3/She's not being deceptive my butt.

  89. >Hmmm- someone just pointed out to me on my flickr account that my foundation is missing the zinc that CPL's foundation has in it. They also pointed out that this would also mean that the foundation does not have SPF in it, which orglamix also claims to have! I know there's been a few concerns about whether or not SPF was actually present before, not sure where they were among the many, many links.

  90. >Thanks everyone. I appreciate the support. I even said it was me on the fan page. I am doing my best to provide only facts. I don't want to really visit the fb fanpage anymore…not because I am afraid of Cheri, just the selfishness of her and the fans makes me angry. I give them stone cold proof and honesty and they say well didn't effect me so it's too bad. Makes me want to scream. >_< To be correct @trellisaze she never responded, so there were no communication whether I would get it or not. Due to her inaction, I won't get it, anyway. I move in 3 days across the country…and the military hasn't given us an address yet. I applaud all you bloggers for doing what you do, really.

  91. >@trellisaze Also- I do not remember her mentioning changing her formulas around Nov/December and that's when I did most of my Orglamix purchasing. I started buying in August 2010, so I feel like I would have remembered that kind of announcement, just like I remember the price increase, the hiring of an assistant, and a lot of other announcements she made around that time.

  92. >@Manda: Theforum has been shut down by an administrator.Actually, we know that Katrina is her eye model. I haven't seen or heard a peep from her about any of this! Does she exist?FYI- PhotoShop has many different free brush downloads that are available, so that you can paste an iris into a eye and make it whatever color you like. If it's saved as a layer, you just go from eye to eye and paste away!I know this because I like to play with PS!

  93. >Hmmm- someone just pointed out to me on my flickr account that my foundation is missing the zinc that CPL's foundation has in it. They also pointed out that this would also mean that the foundation does not have SPF in it, which orglamix also claims to have! I know there's been a few concerns about whether or not SPF was actually present before, not sure where they were among the many, many links. er…I meant could not serve as SPF. Wow, I'm tired.

  94. >@Michelle: http://phyrra.net/2009/09/conflicting-information-on-orglamix.htmlThe SPF comments are near the bottom.Testing is expensive… Now that it's being questioned, I'd like to see the diagnostic results and reports.@Dani: I saw, and if I could high-five you, I would. A virtual one will have to do.I expect that people would want to still purchase her products- go for it if you want. But personally, until the questions are answered which were put forth- I'm not purchasing anything from her. I'd much rather move on to bigger and better things. It's sad… I really love the makeup even despite all this.I'd like to see those who claim to have read this blog here, and tell me "to my online face" that what she's reading "… seems clearly uninformed."Yeah?!?! Cool. Come on over. Please :)And why aren't her assistants/employees all over her page defending her??

  95. >re: SPF, here is another quote from my unanswered email to Cheri!"You make a claim that your foundations serve as SPF. The Sapele foundation listing for example currently states:"A sheer, multi-tasking 4-in-1 organic mineral powder that serves as a foundation, concealer, powder, and SPF in one."I would like more information on your SPF claim, as I believe that is not a valid claim. There are FDA guidelines regarding making an SPF claim, and I would like to know the steps you have taken and what is in your products that can back up your claim and shows me as a customer that you are following FDA guidelines in making such a claim."@Michelle, her ingredients list on etsy (the policies page and the different one on the individual foundation listings) don't include any ingredient that would provide SPF as far as I'm aware. I think zinc oxide would need to be present, but she does not say that's in her products at all – any of them!

  96. >Also, I now realize I should have left out my accusatory wording there, maybe I would have actually gotten a response (doubt it). I wrote the email before she was pulling this delete/ban stuff and was had INVITED everyone to email her with any questions or concerns. Guess my questions and concerns weren't worth her time, so what if she loses a customer or two, right?

  97. >She HAS said that she is working on a statement, but not before deleting at least two calls for response so far today, one being my own: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stcarnamedwant/5507189932/I wish I had a screencap of her very uncouth and unbusinesslike response, but I did quote it as well as I could in the photo description.

  98. >VERY interesting comment that was just posted on Phyrra's post from the other day:"We could also try to track down the source of her cosmetics through muddminerals on ebay. I wrote to her and got a bit of a response back. I posted this question to a page advertising LillyPilly with the same photo:Dear muddminerals,Is this the same makeup that is sold under the name Orglamix on Etsy? If so I was wondering why there is a difference in price, whether the size will be the same, and if they are also hand mixed as sold here. Thank you for your anticipated response.Here is the response:Hi,Cheri Tracy owns Orglamix & Urban Apothecary, as well. You can Google it.I buy my micas from the same manufacture where she buys hers. They sell the pictures as well…I hope this help.Please, do not hesitate if you should have any other question.Thank you.Kindly,Lily- muddminerals"

  99. >I just wanted to say THANK YOU, Snarky, for this post. I would never have guessed what was really going on with Orglamix, without you.I'm happy that the truth came out, though I'm not so happy about the fact that I've spent over $700 on Cheri Tracy's repacked s**t over the past three months. I don't mind using non-vegan make up. I actually love(d) the stuff I have purchased from Orglamix. But being lied to? I hate it like you wouldn't believe. I really hope your blog will bring that cheating b***h down.(Please excuse my French, I don't remember ever being this pissed off.)

  100. >FYI: Snarky P mentioned on the Orglamix Page!http://www.flickr.com/photos/56356221@N08/5507703580/

  101. >This blog post was mentioned in a post on Regretsy's page with Orglamix tagged so it showed up on their page earlier, but it was removed. Regretsy said they did not take it down, so maybe the original poster?http://www.flickr.com/photos/stcarnamedwant/5506632085/

  102. >@JessicaU: I'm so very sorry so many of you awesome CUSTOMERS have been banned for perfectly legit questions. It speaks volumes about how the business is run- and my theory at this point is word of mouth will spread quickly… And there will be just as much bad along with the good. It's sad to see, but her avoiding the subject entirely while we can see her spending time on those who are blindly supporting her.You're more than welcome here!!@Trelli: That would be interesting. Is there any way we can get a screen capture of that directly?@Kativilliina: I'm sorry it had to come to this, and that so much was invested… But I still have to admit… The products themselves are wonderful. I've been purchasing from her since shortly after she launched, and didn't think twice to promote or be a repeat customer. I'm not shooting from the hip here- I've spent the time online, done my research, and have provided reference and public information that's out there on the web. All I've done is simply compile it in one place.I really don't want to see her brought down, what I'd like better is for her to admit the wrong that's been done. I think we'll be waiting for a while…

  103. >@Searing Flesh: First off… LOOOOVE the name! lolI saw that!!! Ha ha ha!!Yep… Now I'm a celebrity. lolYes, I did win the HUGE giveaway.Yes, I do like the product. In fact, I'm wearing Oceano, Stone and Snow today.Yes, I am waiting for answers… Patiently… Like the rest of us.

  104. >@Amanda the muddminerals comment? Looks like Phyrra took a screen cap of it right here:http://i619.photobucket.com/albums/tt277/decorativediva/Nov2010/muddminerals.pngAnd she also capped this interesting thread as well about the sanitation of Smile Jars:http://tinyurl.com/4cxravw(got those links from a comment she left on Shelby's blog)

  105. >I'm not entirely certain how I feel as I *just bought* the eye primer…a little hesitant to use it now. I'm not one for pitchforks and torches, and I sincerely want to hear what Cheri has to say before I storm the castle. But I have a few eye shadows that are double labeled as well (the blue eye set.)Now I'm thinking that it's time to start searching for a new etsy shop. But again, will listen with an open mind. After that, it's fair game.Thanks for taking the time to do this. Also, a side note, I was in a car accident when I was 21 (7 years ago) and it triggered fibromyalgia. Believe me when I say that chronic pain, especially when it's a "but you look okay" type thing, really. really. REALLY. sucks donkey balls. I salute you, fellow pain sufferer. Good luck with getting it under control. ❤

  106. >@Trelli: *jaw hits the floor*For REAL!?@Awkwardgirl: Please believe me when I say I know exactly how you feel. I've been purchasing this product shortly after the business launched. I've never had a reason to doubt anything- until a few days ago and hearing about other "double labels". I love these cosmetics, I'm even wearing them today. But if the product is coming from a private label company, just say so. No big deal. *shrugs*Just the fact alone that fellow friends and customers have been banned for asking some questions (admittedly some then getting anxious and a bit pushy, but understandable) about what the heck is going on. To just say "my phone deleted people" is unacceptable… And ridiculous. I was hoping this was just a huge misunderstanding, but… There's coincidence, and then there's too much of it. It deeply hurt and saddened me to find these things I have, and then share them. As I stated before- I didn't know Cheri was out of town, and had I known… I would have waited to post this. Hindsight is 20/20. I'm not asking or encouraging people to stop purchasing from Orglamix, but to simply read and do your own research. And then make up your mind.If you'd like, you're more than welcome to hang out here or on my FB page… There will be a new project launched soon which will list indie companies and can be referenced so people may make informed decisions about cosmetics they may be interested in purchasing. I hope to see you around :)I'm so sorry you're in a similar boat as me… Privately, most days it's impossible to get up… But I do it anyways. Makeup and playing has been my "therapy", and it's been no easy feat. I always get the "Well you look fine to me, why are you walking with a cane?"My response is "Well, I guess I'm just real good at applying my makeup aren't I? Is there something wrong with you that I can't see and you'd feel free to share?"I haven't been diagnosed with fibro, but I'm on a medication which helps fibro patients because I am having nerve problems. It's helping, but I've now been like this for a year… *sighs*Some people are just insensitive. Pain SUCKS… I hope you have more good days than bad and are able to keep your pain under control too ❤

  107. >Have you looked into whether or not you have RSD? A friend of mine does and it's similar in some ways to fibro.http://tinyurl.com/4gcm6uq

  108. >Snarky, I know you're not making this up. I've read yours and other people's blogs about Orglamix. I've seen all the screencaps of deleted comments, I've seen the photos.I really love the products. I keep wearing them, because I've paid for them and despite my sensitive skin, I haven't had any bad reaction. I do have really mixed feelings, though. If people ask about my make up, I don't feel comfortable telling them where I bought it, not anymore. Mineral make up is something that is not really available in my country. The only brand I've seen so far here in Finland, is Bare Minerals and with the prices as high as 18-20 dollars for a single eyeshadow, is ridiculous. Orglamix has been much much cheaper bought online, even with the international shipping and the customs fees and VAT that I have to pay before I get the package.I won't purchase Orglamix anymore. I can't. The way some customers (some of whom I know personally) have been treated by Cheri, is something I cannot endorse.She states in her recent post, that she has never had a complaint about Orglamix from a paying customer. She lies. My friend, to whom I recommended Orglamix in early January, had a severe eye reaction after using Orglamix (Magnetism primer + the shadows of the "Twilight" collection). She contacted Cheri via Etsy and never got an answer. She tried to reach her via FB fanpage, but was ignored and after asking some questions in public last Saturday, she was banned from the fanpage along with many others. This was brought to my attention on Sunday. I was unaware of the turmoil on Orglamix fanpage and around internet until then, because I was on a vacation and offline. That's when I started my own research on Orglamix and came across your blog.This whole thing is really… sad.

  109. >@Zillah: No… I hadn't even thought of that… When I see my doc on Wed, I'll bring it up. Thank you :)@kativilliina: Thank you.I will be compiling a list of indie companies that MAKE their product, so I'm hoping once I'm able to get an initial list together tomorrow there might be someone in there you'll be able to purchase from. There are plenty of sellers who are much more honest than this debacle.I am in the same boat as you- if asked about the makeup I have on, I will not answer. I'll wear the product because I've bought half of it, and the rest I recently won.If you can email me at some point, there's something I'd like to question you about in private. trinnity218@gmail.com It's not something I want to discuss here in the public forum.It's quite sad indeed when someone with a company selectively answers some inquiries, deletes legitimate questions, bans those who ask for answers, and then really doesn't give any sort of explanation. I'm sure there will be a lot more fallout- but I will say:I'm not sorry for a damn thing I've posted.I considered Cheri a friend, and that makes this all the worse for me to do. But to lie to friends is wrong, and I will not cover for anyone who lies. My reputation is about being blunt and honest for the good of you readers. This was eventually going to come out at some point, and it has. Had I sat on this information and waiting for it to come out, and have it revealed later I knew, that would break the trust I have of you- my readers.That I could not, and would never, allow to happen.Let the chips fall where they may… I'm keeping all of you, and me, safe and surrounded with truth.

  110. >Anybody catch this beauty from her official statement? "Orglamix products are not certified organic; nor have I ever stated they were." But it says right on her Etsy page that they are.http://www.flickr.com/photos/stcarnamedwant/5509520380/

  111. >Yeah right… Not CERTIFIED organic. Just… you know… the other kind of… organic. Had this happened in my country, she would've had her business shut down by the officials yesterday.Thumbs up, Jessica! I completely missed that one!

  112. >@Jessica & Kati:Very interesting isn't it?!

  113. >I've been trying to post since this morning, but every time I do, it shows up but when I come back to the page its gone! Anyways, sorry if this is posted like 3 times or something! I previously posted as SearingFlesh, but its not letting me post through my Google signin so I'm trying TypePad.@Jessica U. I was the FB person who posted it on the Regresty page. I deleted the post myself as the person who I had linked this blog from (I believe I got the link from tellisaze, but I could be wrong) commented on the post that they didn't intend for this blog to be used to bash Orglamix. I thought about it and I decided I had probably acted rashly so I deleted it. No Orglamix controversy this time! Just me deciding to wait until Cheri responded.With that said, I don't feel like Cheri's response really answered anything. Especially about why some of us (myself included) have products that have been relabeled. In her blog post she said:"LabelingI've been know to change my mind about a color, so I change the name. I've done this with Cypress; when I realized (after wearing it for several days) it was too close to Mint & Moss to be added to my core line. I therefore changed the name to Mistletoe and sold it as a limited edition. I've accidentally labeled Blueberry as Indigo or Mate as Silk and Cerise as Celestite. And most recently a glow as Heliotrope. It happens; and is usually caught quickly and fixed. I also started out with basic labels; and no logo. Once I had a new design, I relabeled everything. I have never knowingly sold an Orglamix product with a harmful ingredient or intentionally mislabeled any ingredients– carmine or otherwise. I am in the process of hiring an FDA attorney to conduct a full audit of our labels and packaging so I can better serve my customers."This doesn't explain why when I peeled my label for the Orglamix color "Oatmeal Cookie" off this morning, I found a label for this underneath (though the label underneath was also called Oatmeal Cookie, not Milky, but the numbers match):http://www.cosmeticsprivatelabel.com/shimmer-eye-shadows/shimmer-powders/l-sp094-milky.html

  114. >I have a screenshot of her old foundation postings where she claimed SPF 15, now she does not claim a specific SPF 15, but she still claims SPF.

  115. >@Emily: It was indeed me with my personal FB profile that commented… I knew that posting and tagging her in it would only piss her off more… And as much as I'm not happy with her, I certainly don't want anyone else incurring the "wrath". But I thank you for taking it down :)We are indeed matching so many things it's no longer a coincidence. Such a shame though.@Phyrra: *shakes head*LOL

  116. >I can certainly understand the labeling change of the special edition colors, they are both still her labels, or the mislabeling of similar colors. Those are mistakes that can happen when volume increases. I cannot believe her explanation of the generic labels- especially since they are laser printed and all other labels are inkjet. No one downgrades technology when starting a business.

  117. >also I asked about the spf range when I first started purchasing. I have fair skin and was interested, and didn't know much about the verification steps, but she never replied to my request. It was when her shop starting picking up that the tag changed to spf 15.

  118. >Somebody posted today a third label that not only lists a distributor name, but also ingredients that include *gasp* parabens!http://www.flickr.com/photos/stcarnamedwant/5510452943/in/photostream/

  119. >Wow, that might finally be the proof we need to make her fess up to some things. A blank label can be explained away- albeit poorly, but with another company name it isn't so easy. Also does anyone remember the ingredients in the other non-silicone primer? It was released at the same time as this one, but I only saw it that one time. Just wonder why she never relisted that.

  120. >I'm so over this, and the Glittersniffer BS as well.Just wanted to say one last thing: there are SO MANY other indie companies out there. Those people who are saying they "can't find" good foundation, bright eyeshadows etc. at a comparable price?Fyrinnae. Sassy Minerals. High Voltage Cosmetics. Sobe Botanicals. Meow Cosmetics. Those are just the ones off the top of my head, that I have personally bought from and can vouch for.You DO NOT have to settle for sub-par customer service, unsafe products and repackaging. There are so many choices out there – people who not only make a wide variety of amazing products but who actually care enough about their customers to run their business LIKE A BUSINESS, and there are many reliable, reputable bloggers who have put their dollars and their skins on the line to help you find them. Literally all you have to do nowadays is Google "company name + review" and spend all of ten minutes reading to check whether or not there are any complaints about the CS or the products.

  121. >^^If I could like your post, I would :)I'm done with this Drama Llama, and it's back in the barn.Off to find other awesome companies… Since there literally are hundreds 😀

  122. >Snarky, could I get some advice from you via email?I can't find a way to contact you other than leaving a comment on your blog.My email is mnjesusfreak @ gmail . comThanks,Mimi

  123. >Cheri left this on the Haute Beauty Blog:http://www.hautebeautyblog.com/best-beauty-blog/2011/3/7/orglamix.html#entry10706568

  124. >@Helena: Thank you :)We have seen that post, and it doesn't really offer any real answers… Though it was a good start!

  125. >Hey there, just thought I'd add my experience with Orglamix.I ordered a set of three eyeshadow shades and brushes (http://www.etsy.com/transaction/42908190) and it took nearly three weeks to get them. And that was only after a series of convo's and emails with me wanting to know what was taking so long.Then I received them and was mildly disappointed in the performance of the colors when used as dry shadow (wet is a different story). However, I developed blepharitis a couple of days later. If you don't know what that is, it's a bacterial infection inside your eyelid. Mine happened to be way up inside. The only change in my routine and products I used during that time was the Orglamix shadow. My ophthalmologist actually tested it for me, and one of the three shades (I think it was the Lavande, but I could be wrong) contained bacteria.Just sharing my experience.

  126. >@Lex: That's awful :(I'm glad you don't have any permanent damage from the infection- talk about adding insult to injury. I'm SO done with her/the repackager.

  127. >Thanks for the info. I has just gone online to check Orglamix's sales this week since it's time to re-order foundation to find all this!Soooo…now that Orglamix is gone. Anyone have any suggestions of other mineral makeup lines to turn to?

  128. >@SamanthaSue: Personally, I'm totally in love with Meow Cosmetics foundation! It's amazing- the perfect coverage, and it feels weightless!

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