>Konadicure – Funky Patterns Galore Black Glitter and Silver Shimmers


I nearly forgot to share these nails with you! How could I?! So far, they’ve been my favorite other than the Anti-V-Day ones.
I wanted to go punk-rocker style, so I put on a couple coats of Sinful Colors “What’s Your Name” which is a gorgeous black polish with peacock colored glitter flecks. A quick swipe of Seche Vite to dry and get ready to stamp… Which I did using Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in 220 Celeb City.

Each of my nails had a different stamp design… For my thumbs, I used Konad plate M60 with the argyle pattern, and the graduated dots pattern. For the rest of my fingers, I used assorted stamps from Bundle Monster plates: BM 16, BM19, BM20. For the tips of my fingers, I used a magenta glitter polish I had picked up from Hot Topic years ago, and swiped it across each nail for a little extra sparkle. Once more, a coat of SV, and I was ready to go! These suckers were sparkly, shimmery, and bold!
I like black nail polish, but it’s so overrated with people wearing it just plain… I love that I can jazz it up now… Especially considering I have a polish which is not only black, but has glitter in it too!
Would you create and wear something like this??
x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

~ by Snarky Princess on February 26, 2011.

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