>Early Birthday Present for ME! BH Cosmetics WIN!


Happy Birthdayyyy to meeeee…. A few days early, but hey… I’m not complaining! The dog went nuts this evening, so we know someone had been out in the driveway. Well, needless to say I had no idea someone else here ordered a package… So the UPS/FedEx driver (I’m not sure which delivered) was confused because one address was used for one package, and I put the “legal” one down because at times they won’t deliver because they don’t know where to go and packages end up getting refused. But… He got it right…
Well, it found its way here. And I was instantly struck with a case of the snerious gigglums! I literally dove head-first into the cardboard box… Only to encounter crumply packing paper. Then bubble wrap. Inside the cushioning, the product box.
Let me take a moment to say- BH, you have terrific packaging for your products. It’s clean, simple, but shows you other palettes which are available on the back without overwhelming your eyes. Not only is the outside great, but after opening the box… My palette was nestled in yet another layer of bubble wrap. This one was like a pouch- but it protected my makeup! Not one smidge of color was anywhere- it was so well wrapped and protected that none of the colors were cracked or flaked apart.
That’s big for me, considering most of my makeup purchases lately have been loose mineral powders. I forgot how easy and clean pressed eye shadows can be! What was in it? This:
That’s right. Talk about absolute color overload. I literally want to swatch each and every color on my eyes… At the same time. I know it’s not possible, but I’m so excited to dive in to these colors… Which I will be doing in the morning! Arriving today, it’s great… Because this way I’m going away for the weekend, and I get kind of irked when I pack my minerals and they end up opening and spilling. Not all of them do it, so it’s not really a complaint. Anyways, this I’m just going to slide right on into my bag! The beauty of it?! There’s 120 colors to play with.
I think it’s enough to keep me busy for a while!
Do any of you have this palette? And if so… What are your favorite colors to use??
A review will be coming up for this product shortly!
(And the other ones I’ve been using as well!)
Have a great weekend everyone, and I’ll catch you when I get back home!
x0x0x0 ~*Snarky P

~ by Snarky Princess on February 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “>Early Birthday Present for ME! BH Cosmetics WIN!”

  1. >I've been toying with the idea of getting a 120 palette. (Still debating whether to get the 1st or 2nd) Let me know how it is! It looks so pretty! I haven't used pressed shadows in ages either.

  2. >Ohhh, well I think you'll love it!!I have a few pictures from this past weekend I'll be posting tomorrow of the colors I used… They're really amazing, and SO pigmented!

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