Get The Look – Moi Minerals Cosmetics “Rockin’ Hot Pinks”


I’ve been having a hot, steamy, and sexy love affair. It’s bad, but oh it feels so good. For a gal who used to despise anything pink… I’m finding now I really enjoy wearing it in my makeup looks. From time to time, I can even be caught in a (gasp!) pink shirt. Considering red is my favorite color, one wouldn’t think I’d have hated pink the way I used to. I wouldn’t even wear pink-ish lip gloss… It was that bad.

Then along came mineral makeup, and it did wonders for my skin… And I also found that the pigments used were amazing- every color in the spectrum was available to choose from! And the red colors… Ranging from beautiful rich reds and cranberries, to baby pinks with a hint of color, to bright hang-on-to-your-horses pinks which are almost neon. And of course- some which are!

It’s this I’ve come to acknowledge, pink is hot. Beautiful. Pretty. Innocent. Seductive. Sinful. And absolutely irresistible. This is one of my favorite combinations to put together. Using Moi Minerals Cosmetics, I’ve created a “Rockin’ Hot Pinks” look utilizing different pinks and a rich glittery gray-black shadow. It’s guaranteed to stop people in their tracks!

To create this look, you will need the following colors:

Sparkled Rose
Angel Eyes
Eye Shadow Primer

Additionally, you’ll need a black kohl eyeliner pencil.

You can use the pencil to finish off the look, or instead use a gel eyeliner or liquid liner pen. I used the kohl pencil because the black is smudged and smoky, and then set with the eye shadow- so a precise line isn’t quite necessary. The more smoked out the blacks become, the better the end result!

Break out your favorite plumping mascara- because lashes that are full, plump and thick are really going to pop this look! You can absolutely go ahead and put on some false lashes to really enhance your eyes nicely- but as you can see (and my apologies), my lashes are quite large as is. If you need a little extra help… By all means… Go for it!

Hot Pink Hair Extensions

To begin, apply the shadow primer to your lids first in a light layer. You don’t want to put too much on and have it feel thick and greasy- but you also don’t want so little as to have an uneven application- which will turn out blotchy results. After about 10 seconds of the initial application, your skin has warmed the formula and made it more pliable. Using your fingertips, lightly work the primer over your skin again- this will create a smooth base for your shadows to adhere to. Remember to swipe a little bit onto your bottom lash line also- we don’t want the colors down there to fade or wear off! A dab is all that’s needed.





Continuing on, you want to use five types of brushes:
A dense, contoured eye shadow brush like this one from e.l.f.
A fluffy blending brush like this one from e.l.f.
A small crease brush like this one from e.l.f.
A flat eyeliner brush like this one from e.l.f.
A lip brush like this one from e.l.f.


Using the contoured eye shadow brush, pick up Angel Eyes first and apply it to your brow bone. Drag  a little of the color down towards your crease.

Next, line your top lid and bottom lid with the black kohl eyeliner. Using your finger, a Q-Tip, or your eyeshadow brush, lightly go back and forth over the liner to smudge the color. This should be a rather thick line that will cover the bottom half of your upper eyelid, and a generous line along your lower lid.

Using the small crease brush, pick up Psycho and apply it to the upper half of the eyelid. Swipe a small amount on the outer half of your bottom lash line.

Using the eyeshadow brush, pick up Sparkled Rose, and apply it to and and above the crease. Also apply a bit to the inner corner of your lower lash line, and pull it along the bottom lid until you mix it with Psycho.

Now taking the blending brush in your crease, lightly blend Psycho and Sparkled Rose together so it creates a gentle gradient. Wipe the brush off lightly on a paper towel, or whatever is handy, and use the brush to blend Angel Eyes and Sparkled Rose together just under the brow bone.

Taking the small crease brush, pull Sparkled Rose into a slight cat-eye shape (as seen in the picture above) and blend the edges out so they’re soft. Pick up a little more of Psycho, and pat the color onto the top half of your lid. This will make the color a little more vibrant on your eyelids. The same is done for Sparkled Rose, but applied to just above the crease only.

Take the kohl pencil, line your upper and lower waterlines. Using the eyeliner brush, pull some of the eyeliner applied to your top lid out to make a slight cats eye. Pick up Galaxy on the same brush, and apply it over the black eyeliner on your top and bottom lid., and bottom waterline Blend back and forth to smudge the lines slightly, but don’t over-do it… Otherwise, the sparkle will disappear! Make sure your eyes are completely outlined in black- you want to come around the tear duct at the inner corners of your peepers!

Curl your lashes, and apply two coats of mascara on your upper lashes. Apply one coat to your bottom. If you want to put on fake lashes, go ahead and do so at this point!

Taking a blush brush, pick up Sparkled Rose and apply to the hollows of your cheeks , and onto the outer half of the apples of your cheeks. Bring the color back to your hairline, and up slightly onto your upper cheekbones. To highlight, pick up a little bit of Angel Eyes and apply it to the upper half of your cheekbones.

In order to finish the lips, all that’s needed is Psycho, water or foiling serum, and some lip balm! Apply the balm to your lips as a base. Pick up a little of the shadow and add enough water/serum to liquefy it. Using the lip brush, apply it to lips as is. Mush, and pucker up buttercup!

I added the little heart sticker to go along with the look- they can be found in the sticker section of your favorite craft stores! This was a 3-D heart sticker pack 🙂 In order to avoid having it fly off my face, I used a dot of eyelash glue to keep it in place.

And there you have it- the “Rockin’ Hot Pinks” look!

So what do you think? Would you wear anything as bright as this?

xoxoxo ~*Snarky P


~ by Snarky Princess on January 24, 2011.

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