>~*Giveaway Closed*~ Take a Walk On the Wild Side

>~* This Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winner!!*~

Me. Blonde. 2009
Brunette early 2010.

Oh yes, I’m starting to feel like I’m getting my mojo back.

Well, on some days I feel like it at any rate… I wish I could get back to drinking caffeine on a regular basis- but that’s a big no-no right now as it will make my back problems worse. So, hot chocolate and decaf tea it is! Anyways… The point of my post is this. I finally cleaned my room yesterday. Yeah, I overdid the bending part, but all said and done I felt like I needed to play. With makeup.

Tequila Sunrise, 2010
Custom Extensions, 2009

So out came my stash of Moi Minerals. I know typically I use another company, but I was seeking something specific. A color I had yet to play with extensively. A few in fact. The makeup was inspired…. By… Hair. Yes, you read that correctly. Extensions I’ve made. I found some pairs I had previously crafted (sans the clippies yet!) and decided that since the other computer I had used crapped out and the hard drive fried- losing all my extensions pictures with it- I’d just have to take some more. It excited me, especially since my mineral eye makeup collection has literally exploded over the past year. Anyways, that’s not the point of this post.

Cardinal Sin
The point is that while I had a few color “shocks” in my hair, had a blast styling them into my red locks, and puffing my hair up a little bit… I sometimes want a change in color. And by change, I mean drastic. Like… Wouldn’t it be awesome to walk around with purple hair for a day, or night out? How about platinum and pink (one of my favorites), sea-foam green… Electric blue?
Harlequin – Mint
A treasure of an Etsy find I cannot in any way, shape or form resist… Color. Intense color. Oh, I was drooling by the time I had scrolled through the first three rows of products in her shop… I was able to rein myself in luckily.
Scented Conditioning Wig Spray
One of my Facebook Fans suggested I become a fan of MissD’s page, which I did… And summarily found her Etsy shop. Whoo-wee! Even better was the treasure I found on her fan page… Under the “Info” tab… It was like it was meant to be. A giveaway for a wig up to $80 from her shop, along with wig spray. Any choice of wig is yours, as long as it’s $80 or under! Score! It’s giveaway time!
Strawberry Ice
It’s my hope that this could somehow end up as an early Birthday gift… Especially considering I’m moving forward into a new decade in a few short weeks! Of course, you may think I’m younger than I am… LOL
Neon Violet Vixen
I do, however, have to share with you in case you get the same kind of hankering to change your haircolor… Albeit temporarily!
Anyways… I’m posting a few pictures below so you can peruse the awesomeness of her wig styles, and the amazing colors! There’s a few in her shop I’m absolutely drooling over… But at the moment completely out of my price range. Favorited, though, so I can go back when I can!
Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream
My favorite in her shop… ^^
I really think getting into some crazy-awesome colored wigs when I do my makeup tutorials would really pull a look together… What do you think?? And what do you think I should choose, should I be so lucky? 😉 Heyyy… What color would YOU choose?!
xoxoxo ~*Snarky P

~ by Snarky Princess on January 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “>~*Giveaway Closed*~ Take a Walk On the Wild Side”

  1. >Ooooooh! I LOVE this idea! I think adding wigs would totally add another amazing element to the looks you create! And, out of the different wigs that you posted, my favorite is also the Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream! It's very JPop-ish! 🙂

  2. >I'm totally in love with the CVIC wig! LOLI never wear them… But I think I might have to start! They're looking like just so much fun, I can't resist!

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