I can finally tell you… We have snow up here in the North Country!

Beautiful, white, fluffy snow- covering all the trees. Since it snowed most of the day, I was in quite a bit of pain. For those few of you that know, I have severe back problems which I’m struggling to get fixed. On days it rains or snows, I hurt a lot and I tend to sleep often. Today was no exception.

However, I’m excited to say that we’re barreling toward the New Year. Can someone tell me where 2010 went?! It sort of flew by in a rush, and I don’t remember half of what I even did this past year! It’s like… Whoosh, gone!

Can you believe one stack is only $25 for the Spectrum of Colors!?!?
Of course, this brings up the fact that we’re getting days closer to announcing the winner of the huge Moi Minerals Cosmetics Giveaway Contest!!! I know many of you are quite excited about this opportunity to win- especially since it contains such a large amount of makeup at stake!

The picture I made a collage out of is simply to show you some of the products that may be included in this awesome giveaway. This basket will be jam-packed with $50-$100 USD worth of products. Yes, you read that right! If you’ve seen some of the gift baskets Holly has created previously, you know this will house an awesome amount of products! Typically, her gift sets are deeply discounted and made affordable while still maintaining a professional and beautiful gift which is given. I’m so excited to be hosting this with such a generous friend I’ve made 🙂

Super Sale! Bronzer, Mineral Veil, Lip Gloss, Brush & Makeup Bag!

Our motivation for doing this is to inspire each and every one of you!

I myself hope to inspire you to:

Have fun.
Step out of your “Comfort Zone”.
Feel beautiful.
Boost your confidence.

I know for me, makeup is my creative outlet. It allows me to play, to create looks which I’d otherwise not think of doing… To lift my mood. If I inspire even just one of you, then I’ve done my job, and that makes me so very happy!

Keep these looks coming gals- you’re all beautiful in your own special way!

And keep your eyes open for more contests!!!

To clarify a few details about the Moi Minerals contest, you can leave your comments on the original blog post found by clicking here or by leaving a comment on my Facebook Page. Either way is acceptable- the important thing is that I find you, and count up your entries! If you become a fan of Moi Minerals on Facebook don’t forget to leave a comment on her page that says “The Eyes Have It referred me!“… Since it does of course count as a vote! I’ll be checking!

It’s ok if eye looks are submitted each day, or if you wait a few days and then share multiples on a day. The holidays have been busy for many people- so I totally understand if you need a little time to play “catch up”. As long as entries are posted by midnight PST on January 1st, 2011, each and every entry counts! Even though I’m on the East Coast, I want to be fair to all… And since West Coasters are 3 hours behind… I’ve changed the rules to allow them also to enter in a timely fashion!

So there you have it!
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask away!

~*Snarky P


~ by Snarky Princess on December 28, 2010.

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