Little Miss Darkness

This look is fairly easy to achieve, believe it or not.


When I create a look, unless it’s an all out costume idea…. I tend to keep it simple. Why?
So I can share how I put the look together, and not confuse any newbies who want to end up with a similar eye look.

I typically have my face already “made-up”, meaning moisturizer (Nivea Soft), concealer (e.l.f.), foundation (Physicians Formula: Organics Minerals in Translucent Light or Too Faced Illuminating Foundation Wand in London Fair) have all been applied. To set, typically I put on another swipe of minerals after I’m done with my eyes, or use a High-Definition powder (e.l.f.) and I’m done.

Next would be the eyes.

This look utilizes 100% Mineral Eye Shadows from Orglamix Cosmetics in Fog, Blueberry, Acai Berry, Vanilla Birthday Cake and Geranium.

First, always prime your eyes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mineral primer, or a big brand like Urban Decay or Too Faced.
You can even make your own, grab a bit of your favorite foundation and a decent moisturizing cream. Mix together until well blended… And there’s your primer.

I used a black cream eye shadow as my base, from the Creama line of Orglamix. It went only on my lid, since I really wanted the blues to stick in place, and really pop my eyes.

Next, I picked up a little bit of Fog, which is an intense shimmery blue with a slight purple shift, with a contoured eye shadow brush and applied that to the inside 1/2 of my lid. I brought it up a into my crease just a little bit. Blueberry was the next color to be applied, and I used the e.l.f. “C” brush to apply. I used the shape of the bristles to lightly make a thick cat-eye out past the corners, and blended it out slightly. Using the same brush, I brushed Fog into Blueberry to mix the colors a little bit.

I broke out a Wet ‘N Wild soft black Kohl eyeliner pencil in Black, and lined my upper and lower waterlines, and heavily applied a black line on the top and bottom lids. Using the pointed end of the pencil, I drew two “wings” downward at the outside corners of my eyes- instead of winging it upward. It looked better- trust me! At the inside corners of my eyes, I pulled the color around my tear duct and lightly drew a pointed line.

Taking my small precision brush from e.l.f., I picked up a super-bright vibrant color called geranium and applied it under the black liner on my lower lid, and in between the two winged out lines. With the brush, I pulled it down to softly fade it.

Picking up a small precision brush, also from e.l.f., I picked up a purple color called Acai Berry and applied that just above my crease, and out around the end of my eye where the Blueberry color is. I lightly blended the colors together in my crease, and then put a touch of Vanilla Birthday Cake on my brow to highlight.

Curl lashes, apply 2 coats of mascara… And I whipped out the falsies. They were from Wal Mart, Dept. 18 Halloween items. These I wanted to use because they’re zig-zaggy, and the very tips of the outer lashes are a pretty navy blue. I applied glue, stuck to my eyes…

No blush, since it’s a rather dark look and I wanted to keep the gothic theme going. Though if you wanted a touch of color, it would look perfectly nice. My lips were done with the shadows- outlined with my black eye pencil, Fog applied to the outside corners, and Acai Berry in the remainder.



~ by Snarky Princess on December 14, 2010.

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