Gettin’ Lippy

In case you haven’t noticed, I enjoy playing with color.

If anyone asked me what I’d pick as my best feature, I’d immediately say my eyes.

I like having blues, with a touch of violet. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are some gorgeous eyes out there. Many a time I’ve seen killer greens, or beautiful hazels which make me swoon. Even some brown shades are absolutely gorgeous- like a puddle of soft melted chocolate. First things first… When I meet someone, even just observing strangers, it’s their eyes I notice first. You can tell a lot about the kind of day a person is having by the look in their eyes.

Today’s post isn’t about eyes. Nope, today I’m giving a little lip.

Being mostly Italian, and having a touch o’ the Irish, I have a mighty fine temper. Most times I manage to stay clear headed, calm and cool. Sometimes… Not so much. My fiery disposition grabs hold, and I can let loose a string of profanity laced tirades which would embarrass sailors, and clever cunning needles and barbs that leave the assaulted person wondering if I’ve just insulted, or complimented them. It’s usually the former. I’m quite proud of this talent. It rears it’s beautiful and ugly head at the most inopportune of times lately, considering medication I’m on for a severe injury I’ve sustained. However- I won’t dwell on those things here. Someone always has it worse, and I’m thankful I can be helped. That’s all which will be said on that subject. The funny part about it all is I frequently forget things- that I have to do, and which I was working on… Sometimes I even lose my thought mid-word.

My second favorite feature is my mouth. To be specific, my lips.

I don’t have skinny itty bitty duck lips. I don’t have Angelina lips. I’m quite happy that I fall somewhere in between. Pouty, but not thick. Well defined, but not top or bottom heavy. Naturally rosy, except when I’m sick. To me, my lips are perfect. Like my eyes- there’s nothing I want to change about them.

Why my lips specifically?

Well, number one is my teeth. For a very long time, I’ve had crooked teeth. Nothing awful or bad, but enough to bother me. It’s taken years for me to get comfortable in my skin- I’ve gone through bouts of being overweight (one just recently), I’ve been taunted and teased when I was younger, and it really took a toll on my self-confidence and image. For a long time I believed what the other peers around me said- I was ugly. I was fat. I was unattractive. I was nothing.

Within the past few years, I’ve come to realize they were jealous. A bullies way of making themselves feel validated or better about themselves is to put other people down. People that are better than them. I’ve picked up the pieces of myself, put them mostly back together. I like what I see. I’ve lost 60 lbs, and I’m still going. I’ve discovered I’m stronger than I gave myself credit for. I found I’m worth a lot more than I believed. As for me not liking my teeth- well, that happens to stem from the fact people always assumed I’m missing one of my front canines. In reality, it’s hardly the case. That little fang there decided to hang out in the roof of my mouth, protected by my gums and only noticed when I bit something too hard. The pressure placed on it hurt, to say the least. That all changed about a year ago- when said little tooth was uncovered. I’d like to think childbirth would be a walk in the park compared to that intense pain, but who really knows. (I don’t) My little tooth is making her way to the rest of my smile… Which is currently being straightened out with the assistance of braces, have I mentioned I really like my Orthodontist?!

Only a little over a year to go with them being on, and I’ll have the pretty, straight smile I always wanted. No more gaps, no more jokes, no more funny ridiculing. I’ll have a ravishing smile… Which I’ll more than gladly paint scarlet red often… As well as strapping on a nice pair of red heels when I’m feeling sassy.

And as far as perfection, I think I need to retract my statement. I’m sitting here, enjoying a wonderful cup of hot chocolate… Both tasting it in my mouth, and wearing some of it on my shirt. I guess somebody forgot to warn me I now have a hole in my lip… It figures! My middle name is not Grace, and last I checked it was my tongue that sports a hole… Not my lip.

Cosmetics used on my lips are all from Orglamix Cosmetics which offers 100% mineral products. Safe for eyes, lips, body, nails… Almost any use you can imagine, it pretty much can be done.
Colors are Geranium, Mandarin, Citron, Absinthe, Lagoon and Acai Berry. Black kohl eyeliner was used to define my lips before the color was added. The only edits to the photos were adding a soft focus, and a glow effect. I brought out more of the highlights- but the pigments really are that true. ❤


~ by Snarky Princess on December 13, 2010.

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