Different Colors, Different Ways

I’ve rediscovered color.

I’ve been collecting brushes.

I play with textures.

Sometimes, I even make “paint”.

Netting, stencils, lace. Patterns which can be used to create different effects. Art.

The majority of my collection are bright pinks, greens, yellows. An entire spectrum of colors await different applications. I’ve rediscovered my love of creating.

It’s nothing as exciting as creating a masterpiece on canvas. I can’t create art in the traditional way most people view it. I can’t paint anything coherent with watercolors, oils, or acrylics. I use minerals. Pigments from the earth. Cosmetics.

I work with angled brushes.

Dense contoured brushes.

Fluffy Taklon bristled brushes.

I play with makeup. My face is the canvas I use. Some days I have neutral eyes. Others are more dark and dramatic. Some are just downright wild, using special effects to suit my purpose. Gory. Magical. Fantasy. Horror. It’s pretty amazing what one can create when inclined to expand horizons past what they’re comfortable doing.

Living Dead Doll. Disfigured face, pretty jewels, brocade and lace dress, and you can't see it... But I'm wearing black and white stripey thigh-high stockings.

Makeup is about trial and error. Unlike a tattoo, you can wash your face off and start over.

Anything goes. I mean, take a look at Lady Gaga. She gets away with some wild, creative and funky looks! I don’t follow along with my everyday makeup quite as drastic as she does… But there are days I get wild. And receive strange, sidelong glances as I walk by.

I suppose you can say it most definitely depends on the colors I apply to my eyes. Normally, I have very bright baby blues. I have a ring of natural violet around my pupil. Depending on colors applied to my eyes, and colors of my outfit… They change colors. As you can see in the pictures above. Appearing more aqua, or green if those colors are on my eyes. Bright pinks make the blue pop. Blacks make them stand out strikingly.

Oh, eyes.

I love you.


~ by Snarky Princess on December 10, 2010.

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