Unwitting Inspiration from “The Tutor”

This post has absolutely nothing to do with makeup. Ok, not absolutely nothing. Rather, it’s an inspiration for a makeup series I think.

I’ve just recently found Repo! The Genetic Opera.

I’m a little miffed that I found it one day after the talented Mr. Zdunich visited Boston. I could have made it down to the city in 3 hours. Talk about going “GAHHHH!” in frustration. The movie has yet to make it into my greedy little paws- perhaps Santa will place it under the tree for me, and I’ll leave out extra cookies and Scotch.

Repo! I haven’t seen it, yet I think it’s amazing. There are plenty of things which have inspired me in clips I’ve seen, my favorites obviously the ones where GraveRobber makes his appearance. I catch myself humming “Zydrate Anatomy” at random times during the day- and I think I’ve even had an odd dream or two where I sing it. The music overtakes me. It moves me. I want to dance and grind to it. It makes me feel sexy, dark, dirty, and seductive. His voice… Oh his voice is amazing.

Aside from this slight infatuation with the man himself… I have to admit The Tutor is enthralling. It’s difficult to hold my attention- even if it’s something interesting, I still inevitably find something to distract me. Like a pretty sparklie. Anything that glitters, has to be mine. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I stop what I’m doing to inspect a sparkle or glittery object that catches my eyes. So for this artist to capture my attention and inspire me… Well, kudos. There’s a first time for everything I suppose!

When I see the lessons given, I think of a way I can interpret them myself. You see, I’m not an artist with pencils, pastels, paint. Stick figures with different colored lines would probably be one of my best accomplishments. Abstracts, well I’m alright at those, they come out interesting to say the least.

My face is where I paint.

My face is my canvas. And perhaps, I will take my brushes, and incorporate Lessons from The Tutor into a series which would be dedicated to the Master himself.

I have a few things I need to finish first, before my time can be dedicated exclusively to creating a horrifying masterpiece worthy of The Tutor’s requirements. I cannot, however, bring myself to include those little bugs we know as cockroaches. They look adorable in his teachings…. But with my luck, they’d escape and I’d be responsible for an infestation in my town. Then again…. Who says that’s bad? I don’t want bug legs on me. I’m a sissy. But only with bugs and creepy-crawlies. A disappointment perhaps…. I hope not one held against me. Snakes on the other hand…. Curl around me, I don’t mind.

Should The Tutor himself discover me… I’d most likely end up tripping over my studded tongue, and blush a deep red. That voice talking to me… I think I’d about come undone. I’d make sure my jaw wouldn’t hit the floor though. Then again, I could hold myself together. I don’t exactly look very attractive when I’m the same color as a tomato. Perhaps I’ll venture out to one of his events, when I’m well enough to walk without my cane, have my braces off so I can flash him a straight, white smile. With bright, red lips of course. And teetering around in red patent leather slingbacks.


~ by Snarky Princess on December 8, 2010.

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