>El’Aundra – It started with a comment…


One one of my blog posts.
It was an invite to answer a few questions about myself, and I had the chance to be featured. Me? I just create some pretty eye looks, post some pretty pictures, and hope people follow me and my silly antics  here and on YouTube.

Featured somewhere else, by someone that noticed ME?! Rock on!

I headed on over to El’Aundra to check it out. My first reaction, honestly, was “Wow!”

I started to read through some of the blog posts which feature “Beauty Mavens”- as us makeup lovers are so awesomely called, “PrimaDonna’s”- who are the awesome fashionistas, and “Personal Featured Follower” who are just the “lurkers” who go around reading- but hey, they’re people too! There’s also “Healthy Me” posts, which I find very inspiring, and great tips, tricks… And even giveaways on other blogs! Can we say saaaa-weeet!?!

It’s a refreshing change in pace to see real girls answer real questions, to see what motivates and drives them, to see what dreams are being sought, what accomplishments are being made, and a really good  way to meet new friends.

Here’s to Elle for having such a great blog!
It really is unique and one of a kind, and I plan on stopping by often to check out the new Mavens, Primadonna’s, Healthy chicks, and Featured Follower readers. I hope you do too!

Happy reading to all!

xoxo ~*Snarky P


~ by Snarky Princess on November 11, 2010.

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