>Head Cold… Ugh


Hello there lovelies.
I was going to film myself tonight because I had a lot of requests from some of you sick and twisted fans who want to see me wallowing in my head-cold misery. I can’t blame you though- because I’d totally want someone else to do it too! Anyways- for the time being, I’m needing to stay silent. Why, you ask?
Well, I’ll start from the beginning. Dad got sick.
And while I know “sharing is caring”…. I don’t like germs shared with me. I’m one of those people who’s the first to catch a cold, never gives it to someone else, and the last to get rid of it. Yes- it’s awful. So anyways… I was very surprised when my father was miserable and I had no signs of any infection. Nothing. I made sure to still drink lots of liquid and vitamins just to make sure I wouldn’t get it. Now cut to Sunday morning. I woke up with a tickle in my throat and didn’t think anything of it- I blamed it on the changing of the seasons… Yes, Autumn is making quite a grand entrance this year. So, I planned on making a video. I got sidetracked into sorting through thousands and thousands of pictures on our main computer (since I’m the one that knows how to spot duplicates, and my Mom looooves to save multiple copies of everything- love you Ma!) and that took a good three hours. Now during this, I get the sniffles. And it started out slowly… Again, I chalked it up to it being a warm day, we cleaned part of the house, it’s dusty, and evening was quite chilly.
10:30 and I start working on makeup… Sugar Skull time!
Now I’ll say I had a blast creating the video- and scared Ma half to death when she had to come up and ask a question. I don’t think she quite grasped what the idea was- but it’s alright. Now during filming- my nose starts leaking like a faucet. I’m talking yucky stuff. I was getting mad- because I had white face paint on, every time I went to wipe my nose,  I’d smear some off and it would leave a flesh colored patch that was nigh impossible to hide. Since my skin was damp for a few seconds, the makeup wouldn’t stick, but it would cake up on the edges where it was dry. I was not very happy…. Long story short- I got through the tutorial with sniffles and profuse apologies to all you viewers (you’ll see when it gets posted!) for suffering with me and my blasted sniffs.
Yesterday morning I wake up… And I wanted immediately to turn right back over and go back to sleep… My entire head was so clogged up, I felt like I had spiderwebs in my head. Downstairs I head, and right into my “sick routine”. It’s time to flush this thing out. In addition to drinking nearly two gallons of tea during the course of the day and evening- including chamomile, lemon ginger, green tea, Earl Gray, peppermint, apple cinnamon and Jasmine- I also had two glasses of Emergen-C which I use religiously when I’m coming down with and have a cold- lots of good vitamins in it. I grabbed a box of Puffs, and hunkered down in my chair in between bouts of throwing off my blanket and sweatshirt because I was too hot, to grabbing them right back up because I was freezing. Finally, I said enough was enough. In an attempt to feel better, I took to organizing the DVD’s. Dad then joined in, and we had them sorted just the right way- and I realized that if I kept moving (the limited amount I could manage) my nose wasn’t as runny. But once we were done, it clogged right back up.
This morning I didn’t feel worse, but I didn’t feel any better either. I’m still going through the bouts of being cold and hot, but luckily I have no fever. I am noticing, though, it’s getting harder for me to breathe- so this may be trying to get in to my lungs. Once I can smell again, Vicks Vapo-Rub is going under my nose. Bacitracin is being applied to heal the red irritation my poor honker is suffering from even though I was using Puffs with extra Aloe! The worst thing about today is that I’ve lost my voice. Yep, I’m sounding like a croaking frog and a whispering child. This cough I have is dry, but it’s just enough of a tickle to drive me batty. The coughing fits have made me lose my voice- so I don’t think I’d be heard well on camera. So I’m indulging in Hershey’s Dark Chocolate 😉 Seriously! Chocolate is good for a sore throat… It’s quite a good alternative to cough drops which are full of sugar. Yes…. There is sugar in my chocolate bar too.
Anywho… I just wanted to let you know I’m ok 🙂 And that I might film a silent video later on. But then again… I might just go to bed instead, and save my voice for tomorrow!

~ by Snarky Princess on September 21, 2010.

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