>Get The Look – Caramel-Candy Apple Time!


In a few weeks, I’ll actually be able to get one… But for now, I’ll settle with this hot eye look 😉

I put a question out there to my Facebookers, and it was up to them to vote what my next eye look was going to be. Not realizing I had already done the Candy Corn Eyes as a surprise look to be revealed, I took the second and third place Candy Winners and created a look so far with one.

Both Candy Apple and Skittles were tied, so… I’ll do both. Thusfar, I’ve done my rendition of Caramel Candy Apple eyes…. Which turned out quite glam, and definitely a look I myself will be re-creating both ways come the cooler weather. (The Skittles look is coming up shortly!) Since Candy Apples are a bright red- I really couldn’t see outlining my eyes with red- which would have made me look sick- and applying only another color to highlight, like the inside of an apple. Well, no thanks. I needed more than that. And after reading a comment from a voter about possibly doing a “Candy Apple with Nuts” eye… Well, I thought that if I even so much as dared to try interpreting something like that- I’d be having people asking me what sort of weird eye affliction I have. LOL

I settled on using two warm toned metallic brown shadows which complimented the bright red perfectly. A soft pinkish highlighter blends in wonderfully, and isn’t quite as bright as a white shadow would be… So I’d say these shadows are a perfect Autumn Quarted of sugary goodness! (Just don’t try to eat them!) The colors used are Scandalous, Milk Chocolate, Swiss Chocolate and Halo- all which are from a wonderful company called My Beauty Addiction. Sherrie was kind enough to send me quite an array of free samples for me to try out, and come up with different looks with. All in all, I’ve been having a ball!!! Her colors- especially the metallic tones- blend effortlessly and go on like a dream. You certainly can apply the shadows without primer- but when trying to achieve looks with multiple colors, honestly you’re better off using an eye primer of some sort. At the moment, I am currently using her handcrafted Shadow-Poxy Primer and I am without a doubt in love with it. The primer goes on smoothly, is virtually weightless, and really holds your shadows in place all day long!!

While it seems this video takes a long time to get this eye look- keep in mind that I’m also talking while showing how the shadows are applied. This means it takes longer for me to do my makeup- because I’m flappin my gums away at everyone LOL. This look, if just done yourself, will take no more than 10 minutes to complete. And I have the intro, and end to say hello and thanks for watching! Extra time of course! It does take a few minutes extra to apply the glitter to your eyes- but I’d say with the way it sparkles- it’s well worth “GLITTA-FYING” the look- don’t you agree?!

I think either way, this color combination is a winner for my fall wardrobe this year.


~ by Snarky Princess on September 18, 2010.

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