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>Well… I figured a quick update was in order.

I did a pretty Pin-Up look the other day, after I had done the Autumn Leaf Peeper Eyes tutorial, and while I like how my still pictures came out- I didn’t like the video quality. I made the mistake of filming with a wider angle (since I can always crop it down) and the problem with it was there had been so much light coming in through the window behind me, it made a very annoying lens flare and threw my color off. I’ve learned my lesson! I think I’ll find a sheer curtain to put over that window so I can still get the light, but have it softly filtered and diffused. Goodbye lens flares!


There are also a few looks I have lined up… And while I was going to keep it a surprise from you all, I figured I’d share just because I know I’ll forget to do some of them. This week- I have a lot lined up, and I plan to make videos for the majority of them.

If you remember, last week I asked all my awesome fans on my Facebook Page to suggest some looks that want to be seen.The first was from Brandalyn to create a “Sugar Skull” face. I’m happy to report, I did a lot of interwebnetz searches, and have found some great inspiration. Yes- I will be painting my entire face with a Sugar Skull theme- and it will also definitely be a video tutorial. Beware- this kind of a makeup job will take a while to complete- so if you do attempt to try this at home, make sure you set aside at the bare minimum an hour of time to complete. I won’t be using all mineral makeup for this look- because there are a lot of design elements I want to implement, and with the details I want… I need more than just all natural stuff on my face. Depending on how much I like the look I intend to create, I may even use it as my look for Halloween. We’ll see!

The second was from Kelly- and she wants to see Jack-O-Lantern eyes. I used a few of the colors she suggested for the Leaf Peeper tutorial, but I’ll do more of a pumpkin look this week too. This one will also be a tutorial. However- I will not be painting my entire face orange, and drawing triangles over my eyes & nose, or making a funny toothed-black smile over my kisser. No- this is an eye look!!

Pot O Gold

A third request is from Rebecca, who suggested a Military inspired look. I have lots of greens, and a few taupe colors I can work with- so this will be interesting to see. I really like it when I’m left to my own creative devices and can come up with looks! Depending on how one eye comes out, I’ll most likely make this a video tutorial as well- wow, that makes three!


Number four was suggested today by Melanie- inspired by seashells, to use colors on my eyes in that fashion. This should prove to be interesting- because my take on the colors inside seashells differ… There are those, like conch shells, which have a soft pink to coral and white inside. Then again, you can pick up a mussel shell and discover mother of pearl tones with soft blues and purples. Or, the more common scallop shell- which tend to have soft purples and lavenders inside. And you thought choosing colors to work with was easy… Bah! Sometimes for me that’s the hardest part- but in the end, it’s still all just fun!


A look I’ve decided to do will be based upon a dress I’m looking for. I can’t find it, but I’m sure it will turn up soon as I’m going through ALL my stuff to locate the blasted thing. Why? It’s a ballgown. Seriously why? Because I’m planning on doing a Masquerade inspired look based upon the colors of my gown. It’s a very light champagne, and the top bodice portion is beaded. Really- it’s gorgeous. I wore it to prom the year after I graduated high school, since I was invited by the same group of friends that had attended with my senior year, and we had a blast. Considering I’ve also taken off a lot of weight lately, the dress will either again fit me, or be a bit too big. Either way- I’m really bummed I can’t find it right now. It’s packed, I remember seeing it when I got home… But for the life of me I can’t remember where exactly it is I placed it.


It’ll turn up.

Right now, I’m off to go eat some grilled burgers!

*All eye shadows are from My Beauty Addiction


~ by Snarky Princess on September 6, 2010.

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