>Too Cute to Pass Up – Paul & Joe Kitty Lipstick


I’ve been poking around a bit online today… And OMG- I had to share these…

Don’t worry, I’ll have eye pictures to post later on this afternoon… But I had to share this with everyone! I just about died when I saw this… Because, well it’s really cute. And well, I’m totally a cat person. And… It’s kitty cat faces on lipstick. Wild!!!!! I love it!

Dedicated to my friend, Feline, who I’m sure will get a wild kick out of this post!!!

Click here to be taken to the original link site.

So this creative lipwear is from Paul & Joe Beaute and I don’t care at this moment that it’s not mineral makeup… I’d buy these little lipsticks… Just because of the fact that they’re cats!!!!!! I’d put them on a shelf and display them… Because, as well as having a cute lil kitty face- the containers the lipsticks are in are very pretty too…

Shades of pink are purrrrrfect- and see what I mean about the containers?!

Meow, meow meow meow…

~ by Snarky Princess on July 29, 2010.

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